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Examples of "angarola"
Angarola was married to Maria Ambrosius, a concert pianist. They had two children together, Richard Anthony Angarola (a noted character actor) and Yvonne Daly (a classical pianist and composer), before divorcing. He has five grandchildren, Richard (also a painter), Anthony (deceased in 1990), Ondine, Susan and Brooke, and one great-grandchild, Aurelia Langford who is an aspiring singer songwriter.
Angarola is also notable as one of the favorite artists of the horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft made a reference to the works of Angarola in his short story "The Call of Cthulhu" and did the same in "Pickman's Model":
In 1929 Guy wins a Tiffany Art Foundation scholarship in New York and both he and Geno and recent Guggenheim Fellowship winner Anthony Angarola head to "The City".
She attended the Minneapolis (MN) School of Fine Art and the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri. She was a student of Anthony Angarola.
Hilda Simms died in Buffalo, New York, aged 75, from pancreatic cancer. She was survived by five of her siblings and her second husband, Richard Angarola.
In 1991, Anisa founded the Angarola Guitar Quartet combining a group of international guitarists to commission new repertoire for guitar ensemble. Urban Toys by Lloyd Rogers and Quartet in C by minimalist Michael Bayer have been premiered by her quartet, which was critically acclaimed for its precision and virtuosic performances by the Los Angeles Times and by the European press.
Anthony Angarola (1893–1929) was an American painter, printmaker, and art instructor. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since he was an Italian immigrant himself, his work focused on people who struggled to adapt to a foreign culture.
The story compares Pickman's work to that of a number of actual artists, including John Henry Fuseli (1741–1825), Gustave Doré (1832–1883), Sidney Sime (1867–1941), Anthony Angarola (1893–1929), Francisco Goya (1746–1828), and Clark Ashton Smith (1893–1961).
Wilson has made several recordings on the Dargason label, and is particularly noted for her recordings of the compositions of Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan. She has collaborated with several artists, including Miamon Miller, Valarie King, Scott Fraser, Anisa Angarola, and Sylvia Woods.
She studied at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts under Anthony Angarola, to whom she was engaged until his death in 1929. Active in Chicago during the 1920s as a teacher and exhibitor, she worked in Los Angeles, California in 1927–1928. She moved to San Diego in 1933.
In 1924 Upon leaving high school Guy attends day and night courses at the Kansas City Art Institute. During this time Guy meets Geno Pettit whom later becomes his wife. Guy is taught by and meets fellow artists Thomas Hart Benton, Randall Davey, Monty Lewis, Vaclav Vytlacil, Alexander Kostellow, Anthony Angarola, Ernest Lawson, Boardman Robinson to name a few. Many become lifelong friends and colleagues. During the summers Guy travels to Colorado Springs to attend the Broadmoor Art Academy.
During the British tour of the play in 1947, Simms met and married veteran American actor Richard Angarola. The couple returned to the States in the 1950s and Simms embarked on a brief film career. Her first role was as co-star to heavy-weight boxing champion Joe Louis. She played the boxer's wife in "The Joe Louis Story" (1953). In 1954, she appeared as Anne in "Black Widow". In the 1950s, she was a victim of the Hollywood blacklist.
The quartet was formed at the Thornton School of Music at USC in 1980 by Anisa Angarola under the oversight of Pepe Romero of the famed The Romeros guitar quartet. Among pieces in their repertoire are the works of now-former quartet member Andrew York. See: His Pacific Coast highway, Quiccan and Bantu are among his more popular compositions for the quartet.
Angarola died after he was injured in an automobile accident in France.Although he died at the young age of 36, he inspired many artists. Two of his noted students were William S. Schwartz and Belle Baranceanu, with whom he was engaged at the time of his death. His work is now in the permanent collection of several museums including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and the Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Boston.
Angarola taught as an art instructor at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee in 1921, the Minneapolis School of Art from 1922 to 1925, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1926 and the Kansas City Art Institute from 1926. He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1928. He also participated in the Carnegie International exposition in 1928, exhibiting his painting entitled "Proud".
Anisa Angarola is one of twelve guitar soloists selected nationwide to perform in the historic 1980 master class given by Andrés Segovia. She is also founder of the renowned Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, recording and touring with the group for ten years to international acclaim. Performances included the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Wigmore Hall in London, Carnegie Hall, Teatro Nacional María Guerrero in Madrid, Zurich Tonhalle, the International Cervantino Festival of Mexico, international radio-television broadcasts including ZDF Mainz, Germany.
Haupt’s early gifts for drawing and painting were noted but not encouraged by his family. Nonetheless, he persevered and was further inspired when, at age twenty-one, his paintings received highly favorable reviews in a large exhibition mounted by The Beard Gallery in Minneapolis. Haupt attended the Minneapolis School of Art, studying with Anthony Angarola, recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and an acclaimed Chicago modernist.
The executive team includes Kylie Maddex, former Account Executive at, as Head of Sales; Ana Martinez, former SVP of Product at Velocify, as CTO; Rachel Valdez, former Sr. Manager of HR at T-Mobile, as Head of Global Talent Management; Raquel Edora, former Director of Budget & Personnel at The Washington Post, as Director of Operations; Denise Angarola Fernandez, former National Director of Field Marketing at T-Mobile, as Head of Marketing, and Cathy Sharick, former managing editor at, as Executive Editor.
The three action stars soon find out that they must defeat a worldwide plot of black genocide concocted by the evil, and nefarious Monroe Feather (Jay Robinson - "Hawaii Five-0", "Planet of the Apes", "Cheers"). Monroe Feather is the leader of a secret neo-nazi, white supremacist organization whose chief scientist Dr. Fortrero, (Richard Angarola), has developed a serum that is lethal and only affects African Americans. The organization plans to deploy the serum into the water systems of Washington D.C., Detroit, and Los Angeles, and kill off the black populations.
It should be noted that Hecht and Smith went to a great deal of trouble to have themselves convicted of obscenity. They had wanted to create a test case of the federal obscenity law and have a show trial in order to turn public opinion against it by ridicule. Hecht also intended to enter a million-dollar civil suit for defamation of character against John Sumner and his infamous Society for the Suppression of Vice if Sumner attacked his book. The famous Clarence Darrow was to have been their attorney. The plan was to send review copies of Fantazius Mallare to all of the literary lights of the time, and then have Darrow call these people as expert witnesses at the trial. Alas, the scheme foundered on the unforeseen pusillanimity of the literary establishment - only H. L. Mencken agreed to appear as a witness. In the end there was no trial because Hecht and Smith endered a plea of nolo contendere. The character Fantazius Mallare is said to be a sort of Hecht alter-ego - he appears again in the sequel, The Kingdom of Evil (illustrated by the much inferior artist Anthony Angarola), and in 1935 Hecht wrote and directed a film, The Scoundrel, in which Noel Coward plays Mallare."