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olha_lyakhova              marta_milani              maureen_koster              lenka_masná              renata_pliś              lucia_klocová              marika_popowicz              justyna_święty              kristina_žumer              marta_jeschke              ewelina_ptak              denisa_rosolová              andreea_ograzeanu              alenka_bikar              weronika_wedler              yelena_korobkina              ewelina_sętowska              ancuța_bobocel              alina_talay              cristina_casandra              inna_eftimova              petya_pendareva              rababe_arafi              marina_tomić              fabienne_kohlmann              brigita_langerholc              nataliya_pyhyda              lina_grinčikaitė              moa_hjelmer              libania_grenot              margherita_magnani              karolina_kołeczek              irina_krakoviak              hanna_titimets              małgorzata_hołub              isabel_macías              anne_zagré              katarzyna_kowalska              johanna_manninen              silvia_salis              elisa_cusma_piccione              dryk              lisa_urech              maris_mägi              ramona_papaioannou              anna_kiełbasińska              zuzanna_radecka              angela_moroşanu              antonina_yefremova              lovisa_lindh             

Examples of "angelika_cichocka"
Angelika Cichocka (born 15 March 1988) is a Polish athlete who specializes in middle-distance running. Her biggest success to date are two silver medals, in the 800 metres at the 2014 World Indoor Championships and in the 1500 metres at the 2015 European Indoor Championships.
With its overcast conditions, the Stockholm Bauhaus Athletics meet was the first of the year to produce no world leads. Ruth Jebet gave the sole meet record performance at 9:08.37 in the women's steeplechase. Three athletes achieved their first Diamond League wins: Jak Ali Harvey (100 m), Dina Asher-Smith (200 m) and Angelika Cichocka (1500 m). Keni Harrison and Christian Taylor returned to the top of their disciplines to take their third wins of the series, as did Ivana Španović and Renaud Lavillenie. Sandra Perković continued with her fourth victory to remain the only female athlete to go undefeated in the series. National interest came in the form of Susanna Kallur's return in the women's sprint hurdles, following a six-year absence from the sport by the world record holder due to injury.
From the gun, the first runner to the break line was Mexico's Gabriela Medina, but as the athletes sorted themselves, American Chanelle Price found her way to the front follow closely by Cuba's Rose Mary Almanza. On the final straight, Almanza sprinted by giving Cuba several metres at the handoff. Cuba's Arletis Thaureaux's personal best was almost 9 seconds slower than America's Maggie Vessey, so it was fairly easy for Vessey to move into position to mark Thaureaux in the first 200 metres out front. Kenya's Sheila Jepkosgei Chesang sprinted the first 200 metres to make up the gap, following Vessey around Thaureaux and the rest of the field tightened up behind. At the beginning of her second lap, Vessey asserted the lead and opened up a sizable gap. Chesang paid for her exuberance and began to fall back through the field while Simoya Campbell put Jamaica at the head of the chase pack. As Vessey continued to stretch the lead, Campbell was displaced by Poland's Katarzyna Broniatowska, chased by Canada's Rachel François. By the end of her leg, Vessey had a 30-meter gap on the field, Broniatowska handed off in second and flopped to the track, Jamaica's Natoya Goule dodging the body after getting the baton. Chesang's last 200 metres were agony, handing off 14 seconds behind the same Vessey she had challenged earlier, Kenya well out of the running. Taking the baton from Kelly Hetherington about even with Canada, Australia's Selma Kajan rolled into second place around the turn. Molly Beckwith-Ludlow maintained the American lead while the end of the first lap saw the Australian running shoulder to shoulder with Goule and Poland's Angelika Cichocka with Canada's Elizabeth Whelan just a step behind challenged by Cuba's Gilda Casanova. Goule eased ahead, with Cichocka the only one to go with her, while Kajan dropped back to battle Casanova and Whelan as a third pack. Ludlow handed off to Alysia Johnson Montaño some 40 metres ahead, while Cichocka sprinted past Goule on the final straight. Known as a front runner, Montaño ran a hard first lap and opened up a huge lead, the entire home straight. Poland's Sofia Ennaoui moved into a clear second place with a line up of Canada's Rachel Aubry, Australia's Brittany McGowan, Cuba's Sahily Diago and Jamaica's Samantha James lined up in that order to chase for the medals. It was McGowan who pushed the final back stretch into the wind and broke away from the group.