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aikaterini              papadopoulou              irini              panagiota              vasiliki              konstantina              afroditi              eirini              papoulia              stavroula              dimitra              ioanna              natasa              evangelia              anthoula              roumpesi              aggeliki              tsoukala              avramidou              evanthia              tsvetelina              vassiliki              evdokia              karagianni              valtinos              hristiana              arvaniti              antigoni              svetla              solomou              argyro              giota              vasileva              lambrou              tsiolakoudi              fotini              krassimira              reneta              yordanova              papantoniou              ismailova              stikoudi              moraitidou              filipova              nikoleta              elisavet              chrysoula              ioulia              aimilios              argiris             

Examples of "angeliki"
Angeliki Lagoumtzi (born ) was a female Greek football midfielder.
Captain Oprom Abol is voiced by Frankie’s wife, Angeliki Psaradellis.
Angeliki Laiou (; Athens, 6 April 1941 – Boston, 11 December 2008) was a Greek-American Byzantinist.
Angeliki (), literally "Angellike", is a Greek female given name. Bearers of this name include:
Angeliki Panajiotatou (1875 or 1878 – 1954) was a Greek physician and microbiologist.
Karen Barbat was the defending champion, but lost in the second round to Angeliki Kairi.
Angeliki Palli (1798 – 1875) was a Greek-Italian writer, translator and early feminist.
Angélica (Spanish), Angelika (German, Polish),(Hungarian), Angélique (French), Anjelica (Brazilian, English), Anxélica (Galician), Angeliki or Aggeliki (Αγγελική, Greek).
The area is represented in Manchester City Council by Mary Watson, Aftab Razaq and Angeliki Stogia (Labour).
At her eleventh birthday, Angeliki commits suicide by jumping off the balcony. She was found with a smile on her face. While the authorities are trying to find out what led little Angeliki to death, her family insists that her death was an accident.
Doukas has a section of athletics. Many notable Greek athletes have transferred in Doukas. Cases in point are Niki Bakogianni, Angeliki Tsiolakoudi and Stella Tsikouna.
Angeliki Koutsonikoli (2 June 1989 – 5 July 2012) was a Greek female track cyclist. She competed at the 2010 and 2011 UCI Track Cycling World Championships.
In December 2007 Bank Hapoalim (BKHPF.PK) started negotiations with Proton Bank's major shareholder IRF investment fund (of Angeliki Frangou) over a possible buy out.
Angeliki Karapataki (born February 19, 1975 in Athens) is a female Greek water polo player and Olympic silver medalist with the Greek national team.
Kaminis is married to Adamantia Anagnostou, a lecturer at the University of Macedonia. They have two daughters, Angeliki and Katerina-Markella.
Antzy Samiou (Greek: Άντζυ Σαμίου) was born Angeliki Samiou in March 7, 1960, in Piraeus, Greece. She is a popular pop/folk singer and also a radio producer.
In 2015, Angeliki Papoulia was a member of the Locarno International Film Festival Pardi di domani Jury and of the Sarajevo International Film Festival Competition Jury.
He married, Angeliki Haidas (1871–1962). The couple produced three sons, George (1888–1918), Konstantinos (1891–1924) and Michael (1894–1965) and two daughters Maria Poulakas-Vrettos (1903–1997) and Merope Poulakas-Loizou (1906–1993).
A Blast (), is a 2014 film directed by Syllas Tzoumerkas about a woman's disillusionment and revolt in the frame of the Greek financial crisis. The film stars Angeliki Papoulia, Vassilis Doganis, Maria Filini, Themis Bazaka, Makis Papadimitriou and Yorgos Biniaris.
Angeliki Frangou is a Greek female shipowner. She is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Navios Maritime Holdings., of Navios Maritime Partners L.P., of Navios Tankers Management Inc. and Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation.