Synonyms for angottitauruq or Related words with angottitauruq

iqaqrialu              skorupan              szczerbanik              anisua              coldale              tununiq              chernicoff              sergic              byabagambi              marchain              winnicot              dufficy              taglianetti              weesner              titchard              rwamuhanda              milczyn              rymarczuk              chargualaf              taolo              gerdisch              kilabuk              kienlen              demerly              carapiet              meness              pearey              andronis              goepper              pockar              borchiver              habyan              muyzers              wartique              bradleydr              borsumato              horbul              govedaris              anaparambil              whorrall              cimellaro              alagalak              dunkerleyguide              trereise              pleavin              kavadas              jericevich              salavantis              rhiness              polowan             

Examples of "angottitauruq"
Michael Angottitauruq Sr. (born 1951) is a former territorial and municipal level politician. He served as Mayor of Gjoa Haven and as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories from 1987 to 1989.
Angottitauruq was elected to the Kitikmeot East electoral district in the 1983 Northwest Territories general election. His district became the Natilikmiot electoral district in 1985. He stood for re-election to a second term in the 1987 Northwest Territories general election. He vacated his seat in 1989.