Synonyms for angustiflora or Related words with angustiflora

breviflora              hirtella              uapaca              rhombifolia              stipularis              caffra              laxum              platycarpa              colorata              silvatica              vestita              ehretia              parsonsia              laetum              platyphyllum              anomalum              wahlenbergia              dombeya              amoenum              bracteata              polygonoides              laxiflora              grewia              saxatile              capitellata              peduncularis              schlechteri              oleoides              mucronata              blanchetii              sessiliflora              floribundum              dielsii              pedunculata              aphyllum              ozothamnus              ramulosa              corallorhiza              calcarata              labill              pectis              randia              albiflorum              deflexa              macrantha              entada              brevifolium              foveolata              leptostachya              oblongifolia             

Examples of "angustiflora"
Persoonia angustiflora is a shrub native to Western Australia.
Larva is black in color. The head red, a white subdorsal line and the sides spotted and streaked with red and yellow. Larvae have been recorded feeding on "Strychnos angustiflora" in Hong Kong and on "Strychnos nux-vomica", "Saprosoma indicum" and "Spermadictyon suaveolans" in India.
Diplolaena angustiflora, may have been commonly known as Yanchep rose, may be a shrub which might be an endemic to the area around Perth in Western Australia. It might have small flowers with long bright stamens that might be crowded in to heads surrounded by petal-like bracts, so that the whole may resemble a many-stamened single flower.
Campanula angustiflora is a species of bellflower known by the common name Eastwood's bellflower. It is endemic to California, where it grows in the serpentine soils of the hills and mountains surrounding the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a flower of the chaparral plant community. This is a hairy annual herb producing a thin, branching stem up to 20 centimeters tall. The leaves are leathery in texture and oval in shape, measuring between 0.5 and 1 centimeter in length, with a few teeth along the edges. The bell-shaped flower is pale blue or white and just a few millimeters long. The fruit is a ribbed, spherical capsule.