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animatronics              anthropomorphic              humanoid              puppets              puppeteer              anthropomorphized              poseable              humanlike              animatable              lifelike              posable              puppet              figurine              puppeteers              animator              puppeteering              mannequins              huggable              marionettes              puppetry              animated              animatic              purring              marionette              rotoscoped              doll              animate              creature              props              bipedal              quacking              diorama              andanimating              bobblehead              claymation              ooui              dioramas              cartoonish              dolls              asimo              costumed              figurines              tripedal              animating              mooing              furry              gesticulating              grunts              plush              quadrupedal             

Examples of "animatronic"
Debuting in 1993, Dinosauria! has been an annual summertime attraction including 40 animatronic dinosaurs on three acres. It is the nation's largest animatronic dinosaur exhibit.
The members that currently perform in the animatronic show are:
David Alan Barclay is a British puppeteer who had worked on some projects of The Jim Henson Company. He has been at the cutting edge of animatronic puppetery since 1979. Barclay, who hails from London, is a Master Puppeteer, Animatronic Designer and Supervisor, a CG key frame Animator, and Director and Producer of animatronic and animation projects for film and television.
Gustav Hoegen is an animatronic designer/ creature FX artist.
1991: Jake's Music Hall animatronic stage show (Jake's Town).
This is the UK's largest animatronic dinosaur attraction.
Various animatronic performers would play out parts, with narration and linking dialogue provided by an animatronic Tim Rice, seen seated in a swivel chair, or via voice representation only at other points during the performance.
As one of the first animated amusement figures, Laffing Sal is considered a forerunner of the many animatronic figures seen at attractions around the world, including the Audio-Animatronic figures at Disney themeparks.
The 1993 film "Jurassic Park" used a combination of computer-generated imagery in conjunction with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs built by Stan Winston and his team. Winston's animatronic "T. rex" stood almost ,
Derek Meddings created the life-size, realistic animatronic children for the film.
The attraction's theming, including a animatronic dragon, was designed by P&P Projects.
When America Sings opened in 1974, Ives voiced the main host, Sam Eagle, an Audio-Animatronic.
Giant animatronic insects and oversized exhibits give guests a bug's eye view of the insect world.
In "The Longest Journey", April Ryan has a small animatronic toy monkey she calls "Constable Guybrush."
The next year another album from The Kovenant was released, "Animatronic".
The animatronic bear suits used in the film were created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.
Six months later, a stuffed animatronic Wiener-Dog is displayed in Fantasy's art exhibit.
On April 1, 2015, the Dinosaur exhibit opened hosting over 20 animatronic dinosaurs.
Squawkers Macaw was produced: an interactive, vocal animatronic macaw capable of saying phrases.
After designing and producing a rideable animatronic horse for , Mark's Studio created a second ride-able horse for Bedtime Stories. The motion and animatronic features of the two horses were enhanced and refined for True Grit and further developed for Cowboys & Aliens. The animatronic horses are used where the action (if performed by real horses) might put the riders or horses at risk of harm or injury.