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xiyao              xiaohong              xiaoxuan              yujiexu              jiaqi              jingjing              jingyu              jiaxi              yuting              xianying              xiaoxiao              xiaoyang              xiaoyan              zhongyun              xueying              yuqing              xinyue              jiawei              jiali              haiping              yanfeng              fangfang              zhihao              xiaojun              chunli              hongxue              ningli              jiajia              yunfei              yanfei              cuiping              xiufeng              xiaojuan              aiying              yufen              guowei              yuanhao              qiwei              xiaomei              guixiang              haoran              jialuo              yanmei              zihao              renliang              yilin              limei              zhixing              leilei              xiujuan             

Examples of "anqi"
Anqi holds an important place in the Taiqing and Shangqing Schools.
Anqi's school results have been extremely disappointing and she is always getting into trouble, garnering many complaints from parents and classmates alike. In the end, she even gives up going to school. When A-Li finds out about this, she decides to help Anqi find a new school. She even swears to help Anqi realise her potential so that Anqi can prove the teachers and classmates who looked down on her wrong.
The location of Mount Penglai, and the existence of Anqi Sheng, are still debated by scholars.
She won a bronze medal in the women's doubles with Anqi Luo at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
Anqi was imprisoned for manslaughter. The victim was her husband Zi Wen. There were doubts as to whether she indeed killed him. The usual suspects - her long-time good friend Ye Ning who had a child with Zi Wen, Shi Sheng who was Anqi's partner in an illicit affair and the father of Anqi's daughter, a cop who wanted to kill Anqi.
Li Anqi himself was said to be intelligent and articulate in his youth, and he was able to begin interpreting texts when he was six years old. Late in the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui (r. 604-618), Li Baiyao had been demoted to be the military advisor to the governor of Shi'an Prefecture (始安, roughly modern Guilin, Guangxi), when he was intercepted by agrarian rebels near Lake Tai, and the rebels were about to put him to death, when Li Anqi wept and kneeled, asking the rebels to spare his father and to kill him instead. The rebels took pity on Li Anqi and spared them both.
Tang Anqi (唐安琪) is a Chinese singer and a member of Team NII of the Chinese idol girl group SNH48.
Li Anqi (李安期) was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty who briefly served as chancellor during the reign of Emperor Gaozong.
Anqi Sheng () was a Chinese immortal and wizard, said to be already over 1,000 years old at the time of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor.
Anqi entered Botak's life when he was a young boy, when Yue Feng sought refuge with Botak's mother after she could no longer stand physical abuse by her husband. This resulted in Anqi (named after 'Angel') often being teased as being fatherless by another childhood friend, a bully yet coward to stronger forces, Ma Linfan (马麟帆) (Gary Chaw), son of parents who ran an illegal betting syndicate. As children, Anqi, Ma Linfan and 'African' (later called Prince Charming in adulthood) (Victor Wong), often competed playing marbles (bakuli/"buah guli") or fighting fish with each other. Anqi always won these games. After losing a game, Ma Linfan teased Anqi. She became angry and beat Ma Linfan, thus giving her a strong, fierce personality. Because of this, Anqi was given the nickname "Fighting-Fish". Whenever she was upset, she would eat "ais kacang" (spelt as Ice Kacang for the movie) together with Botak, or idle away by the river chatting with him. She would always say that when she grew up, she would return to Penang to look for her father and move to a faraway place, which Botak desired not to realise. As a 20-year-old something adult, she was in a cold relationship with her mother, blaming her being estranged from her father.
She also won gold medal in the women's team épée event at the 2012 Summer Olympics with Xu Anqi, Li Na (fencer) and Sun Yujie.
A father and daughter pair moves into the old block which A-Li is staying. The youthful father refuses to tell people what his name is so A-Li just calls him 'Nameless'. Nameless has a mischievous 8-year-old daughter named Anqi, who together with him, turns the block topsy turvy with their antics. In frustrations A-Li terms her 'little monster'. Anqi retaliates by calling her 'hideous'.
On July 9, 2014, Table Tennis Canada nominated six athletes to the squad. The women's doubles duo of Anqi Luo and Zhang Mo won a bronze, the only medal won by the team.
Xu Anqi (; born 23 January 1992) is a female Chinese épée fencer. She won the gold medal in the women's team épée event at the 2012 Summer Olympics with Li Na, Luo Xiaojuan and Sun Yujie.
Tan Anqi (; born June 10, 1986 in Harbin, Heilongjiang) is a Chinese female ice hockey player. She competed for China at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The team finished 7th out of 8 teams.
Anqi Luo (born August 26, 1996) is a table tennis player competing for Canada. She won a bronze medal in the women's doubles with Zhang Mo at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
In the 2014–15 season Navarria climbed her first World Cup podium since her comeback with a silver medal in Barcelona after losing in the final to China's Xu Anqi.
During the "Yonghui" era of Emperor Taizong's son and successor Emperor Gaozong, Li Anqi served as a mid-level official at the legislative bureau of government (中書省, "Zhongshu Sheng"), and later served as "Huangmen Shilang" (黃門侍郎), the deputy head of the examination bureau (門下省, "Menxia Sheng"). As of 666, when Emperor Gaozong was offering sacrifices to heaven and earth at Mount Tai, Li Anqi was serving as the deputy minister of civil service, and Emperor Gaozong had him author the text for the monument at the altar.
He was said to inhabit Mount Penglai. Anqi appears to have been a taoist wizard, and was able to render himself visible or invisible at his pleasure. According to the Daoist hagiography "Liexian Zhuan", Qin Shi Huang spoke with him for three entire days (including nights), and offered Anqi jade and gold. Qin Shi Huang feared death, and sought immortality, without success. In 219 BC, he sent an expedition under Xu Fu to find Anqi and to bring him back, along with the elixir of life, which grants immortality or eternal youth. When Xu Fu reported that a sea creature blocked the expedition's path, Qin Shi Huang sent archers to kill it. In 210 BC, Xu Fu continued his journey. Legend says he found Japan instead, proclaimed himself king, and never returned. The "Records of the Grand Historian" state that Li Shaojun (李少君) visited him during his travels. There is no record, however, of where they met or of Mount Penglai itself. In 130 BC, Emperor Wu of Han also sent an expedition to find Anqi, which proved unsuccessful.
It was said that Li Anqi had the ability to find talented people. Around 667, on one occasion, Emperor Gaozong rebuked his officials for not recommending talented people to be officials. Most of the officials were silent and unable to defend themselves, but Li responded: