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Examples of "ansovinus"
The church of Santi Venanzio e Ansovino was situated near the Capitoline Hill in Rome. It was dedicated to two saints associated with the city of Camerino: Venantius of Camerino, a martyr; and Ansovinus, bishop of Camerino.
Saint Ansovinus () (died March 13, 840 AD) was a bishop of Camerino. Born in Camerino, he may have been of Lombard origin, and was educated at the cathedral school of Pavia. He was a hermit at Castel Raimondo near Torcello.
Before being elected bishop of Camerino, he also served as a counselor to Louis II, Holy Roman Emperor. Ansovinus refused to accept this office until Louis was agreed that his see be kept exempt from the recruitment of the locals into the soldiery. During this time, bishops were often required to be responsible for recruiting men for the imperial army.
The crypt has two 14th-century lions sculpted by Armanno da Pioraco, a bust of Cardinal Angelo Giori and his brother Prospero by followers of Bernini, and a marble 14th- or 15th-century coffin holding the relics of Saint Ansovinus (a 9th-century bishop of Camerino).
Venantius was buried outside the city walls of Camerino, where a basilica was built in the fifth century, and later rebuilt many times in succeeding centuries. The cult of Venantius became popular: his image appeared on coins and in litanies; springs near the basilica, which were associated with the saint, were used by lepers and people with peptic ulcers to cure their afflictions. Venantius subsequently replaced Saint Ansovinus as the city's patron saint.