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Examples of "antelo"
José Ángel Antelo is a Spanish professional basketball player for UCAM Murcia in the Liga ACB.
Antelo was born in Santiago de Compostela on 1987 and plays as power forward.
The CUN was founded by Hernán Antelo Laughlin, Fastón Villa and Renald MacLean in November 1977.
Antelo is a village and municipality in Entre Ríos Province in north-eastern Argentina.
Anthony J. Antelo Devereux (1878-1940) was polo player and the winner of the National Hunt Cup.
Guillermo Eduardo Clemens Antelo (born 26 November 1988) is a Mexican footballer who plays as forward for Club Celaya.
In 2000, Antelo was named the world's active most prolific top division goalscorer with 343 goals in 429 league games.
Fernando Seoane Antelo (born 25 March 1983) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for CD Lugo as a defensive midfielder.
Antelo was formed in the young teams of Real Madrid. He played as professional player for the first time in the disappeared Cáceres CB at LEB Oro.
According to the charges, these operations allowed Ciadea to improperly collect exportation refunds and exemption taxes for imported vehicles. In April 1998, the Federal Court dismissed the accusations to Antelo. The Federal Court of Appeal reversed the judgment ordering again prosecutions. In August 2000, a court set a bail of ARS1 million to Antelo and exempted him from going to prison. In February 2006, the case was dismissed.
He enrolled in the Oriente Petrolero and began developing his football skills at age twelve. In 2006, Peña began his pro-career with hometown club Oriente Petrolero after being spotted by Víctor Hugo Antelo, the team manager at that time.
Antelo reorganized the corporate structure, fired workers and installed facility improvements, bringing the level of quality to that of the Renault factories in France. The company introduced the Renault 19 and Renault 9 and became one of the leading automakers.
Dustin Maldonado Antelo (born March 18, 1990 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra) is a Bolivian footballer defender who currently plays for Real Potosí in the Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano.
Claudia Tavel Antelo (born March 11, 1989) is a Bolivian beauty pageant titleholder and model who was crowned Miss Bolivia 2013 and represented her country at Miss Universe 2014.
Claudia Tavel Antelo (center), Srta. Santa Cruz, was crowned Miss Bolivia Universe 2014 during the gala finals of the Miss Bolivia 2013 pageant held at the Siriono Hall of Fexpo on June 13.
Antelo played in all Spanish young teams, being with the U18 team champion of the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship in 2004. On the same year, he also won the Albert Schweitzer Tournament played at Mannheim.
Despite proving his natural talent as a topscorer, Antelo was rarely considered by Bolivian national team managers throughout his career and was overlooked for the 1994 FIFA World Cup. He only earned 11 caps for Bolivia netting 2 goals.
Runner-up: Real Madrid (Spain) Kaspars Kambala, Elmer Bennett, Antonis Fotsis, Alberto Herreros, Mario Stojić, Pat Burke, Álex Mumbrú, Antonio Bueno, Lucas Victoriano, Alfonso Reyes, Eduardo Hernández-Sonseca, Roberto Núñez, Jose Angel Antelo, Alberto Aspe (Coach: Julio Cesar Lamas)
When Carlos Saúl Menem assumed the Argentine presidency, the markets were opened and Renault ceased many of its minor operations in Argentina, improving its economic situation. In 1992, the entrepreneur Manuel Antelo agreed the purchase of a majority stake in Renault Argentina. According to some journalists, the terms of this agreement were very advantageous for Antelo. He only had to pay if the company made profits and also received ARS100 million from Renault. Renault Argentina was renamed "Compañia Interamericana de Automóviles SA" (American Automobile Company) or Ciadea. The actual ownership of it was transferred to a holding called "Compagnie Financière pour l'Amérique Latine" (Financial Company for Latin America) or Cofal, from which Antelo owned two-thirds and the rest was from Renault of France. The holding also took control of the newly established Brazilian operations. Cofal in turn only held 72.3% of Ciadea. The remaining shares were listed on the Buenos Aires stock exchange.
In 1994 the Argentine courts began proceedings against Antelo alleging smuggling and defrauding due to a complaint by the Dirección General de Aduanas (National Customs Administration), which accused him of making fraudulent imports and exports of vehicles. The move was related to the exportation of auto parts to Uruguay before returning it to Argentina as Renault Trafic units.