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irini              karagianni              marsida              aggeliki              dimitra              ioanna              evanthia              afroditi              areti              papanika              panagiota              konstantina              natassa              aikaterini              giouli              stavroula              pantelidi              angeliki              galani              anthoula              papadopoulou              roumpesi              elisavet              atabey              neli              evija              vanou              protopappa              antigoni              athanasia              evangelia              yazgan              tzeni              natasa              fotini              arvaniti              foteini              koula              triantafyllia              maltsi              nikoletta              moraitidou              eirini              konstantopoulou              prifti              argyro              serap              zlatina              ioannidou              yeva             

Examples of "anthi"
Most of the girls were praised for their strong performances, but Anthi and Vaso were criticized for not focusing enough and being weak and they landed in the bottom two. Anthi was spared, while Vaso was sent home.
During judging, the girls had to act out a scene derived from a verb and adverb randomly drawn from a box. Maria, Monika & Areti were considered the best and won the challenge. Monika won immunity for impressing the judges with her strong photo, while Anthi & Denia landed in bottom two. Anthi asked to leave the competition, and the two girls had an argument in front of the judges. Vicky announced that Anthi would have been eliminated regardless of her decision to quit.
A species of Haemoproteus, "H. anthi", has been described from this species.
The Anthi Karagianni Municipal Stadium (), formerly the Kavala National Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Kavala, Greece. It is the homebase of Kavala F.C.. The stadium was built 1970, and currently has a seating capacity of 10,500. It is named after the paralympic athlete, Anthi Karagianni, who won three silver medals in the 2004 Paralympic Games.
Anthi Karagianni is a Paralympian athlete from Greece competing mainly in category F13 long jump and in sprint events.
Christina Kalogerikou was born in 1885 and was the daughter of Pantelis Roussos and his wife Elpiniki. The two sisters, Evangelia and Anthi did a great career in the characterists of the Greek theatre. Anthi was the first wife of Nikos Miliadis, father of celebrated actor Takis Miliadis.
The Anthi Karagianni Municipal Stadium (Greek: Δημοτικό Στάδιο Ανθή Καραγιάννη), formerly the Kavala National Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Kavala, Greece. It is the homebase of Kavala F.C..[1] The stadium was built 1970, and currently has a seating capacity of 10,500.[1] It is named after the paralympic athlete, Anthi Karagianni, who won three silver medals in the 2004 Paralympic Games.
A daily market locally known as "Anthi Kadai" is a main hub here for the localers and surrounding villagers for their business and trade activities.
Anthoula "Anthi" Mylonaki (born June 10, 1984 in Khania) is a female Greek water polo player and Olympic silver medalist. She is part of the Greek national team.
The She-Wolf (Greek: I lykaina) is a 1951 Greek romantic drama film directed by Maria Plyta and starring Aleka Katselli, Andreas Zisimatos and Anthi Miliadi.
In 1654 in Greece under Ottoman rule, a solitary janissary collapses from his wounds outside an isolated Orthodox monastery for women. The nuns take him in and one with medical skills, Areti, tends him with the help of another, the young and shy Anthi. Both are fascinated by the presence of a man and, as he recovers, Areti starts an affair with him while Anthi has conflicting emotions. Learning that he is a deserter with a price on his head, the nuns realise that they dare not hide him and inform the authorities. As a contingent of soldiers arrives to collect him, Anthi escapes with him and the two go on the run. In the woods, a dark secret comes out. Anthi is in fact a boy, who was hidden in the monastery to avoid the devsirme, the kidnapping of Orthodox children by the Ottomans as recruits for the army. Initially disgusted, the soldier slowly builds up a comradeship with the gauche lad but one day they are recaptured. Anthi is taken back to the monastery, where Areti is pregnant and hangs herself in despair. Anthi runs away and rejoins the janissary, who has killed his captors. The two go off into the woods again.
Tor Milde died following a brief illness on the morning of 15 January 2014, aged 61, at the Ullevål University Hospital in his hometown of Oslo. He was survived by his two sons and his girlfriend, Irja Anthi.
"MS Anthi Marina" was the first of a class of three roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ferries built for Townsend Thoresen at the end of the 1970s. Her two sister ships were and .
This ship, "Spirit of Free Enterprise" sailed under a range of names on both English Channel as well as between the Greek islands. She was scrapped in September 2012 as MS "Anthi Marina".
Some of its regular features include 'Samghageethikal'(Group songs), choral recitation of Thirunalloor 's revolutionary songs; 'Anthi Mayangumbol'(When the dusk falls) –the title taken from a famous song of Thirunalloor - where poets and musicians recite his poems; 'Janavedi'(People's Forum) where various sociopolitical and cultural topics are debated with audience participation; 'Kalippanthal'(Play shed ) a forum for children ; etc.
A new species of feather mite, "Proctophyllodes schwerinensis", was discovered on the water pipit, which is also a host to the fleas "Ceratophyllus borealis" and "Dasypsyllus gallinulae". Along with other Motacillidae species, the water pipit is a host of the protozoan parasite "Haemoproteus anthi".
Christoforou and Evagoras Evagorou performed in the contest, with Christoforou performing his own entry "Angel", and Evagorou performing "I'm Gonna Be". Further artists confirmed in December included 18-year-old Nicole Paparistodemou, who will perform the Mike Connaris composition "Like A Woman", and Armenian Cypriot singer Hovig Demirjian, a current participant on the Greek version of The X Factor. Constantinos Kountouzis and Anthi Pashi have also been confirmed as participants, performing their own entries "Island of Love" and "You Gotta Go".
She competed in the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens, Greece where she won silver medals in the T13 100m, T13 400m and F13 long jump. She also competed in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, China. There she won a silver medal in the women's F13 long jump event and competed in the T13 100m and 200m events. In the 2012 Summer Paralympics she took the third place in F13 long jump, winning her fifth medal in the Paralympic Games. The Municipal Stadium "Anthi Karagianni" in her hometown of Kavala, Greece, was renamed in her honour in 2004.
In 2006 she was named "Anthi Marina" and operated by GA Ferries between Piraeus, Kos and Rhodes. In addition to the jumboising carried out by P&O she then had a more conventionally shaped bow in place of her original clamshell doors, and an internal ramp to enable her upper car deck to be used in ports without double-deck linkspans. As most Greek ports lack the linkspans found elsewhere, the ship was usually docked stern-on to the quayside and vehicles loaded via a ramp mounted on the ship. She was laid-up in 2009 due to her owner's financial difficulties and she was scrapped in 2012.
The girls learned about their body and nutrition. Christoforos Kontentos visited the house to teach them about what is "fashionable" and "unfashionable". At the challenge, the girls were split into groups of five and had to assemble their own clothing line and be their own mannequins with fashion model Ismini Papavlasopoulou making a guest appearance. Each girl of the winning team, Anthi, Areti, Danae, Dimitra & Monika, won a piece of clothing from a famous clothing line and Monika earned a special piece of clothing as she was the best in her group. The photo shoot demanded the girls to pose as underwater nymphs. A lot of girls struggled, while Ioanna managed to overcome her fear of water and she impressed the judges.