Synonyms for antibrachial or Related words with antibrachial

lumbodorsal              antebrachial              dartos              musculocutaneous              pubocervical              thoracodorsal              psoas              platysma              endopelvic              stylohyoid              tendineous              sternohyoideus              panniculus              parapatellar              digastric              transversalis              aponeurosis              omohyoid              endothoracic              omohyoideus              superficialis              paramedian              paraspinal              temporalis              pretracheal              semitendinosus              sternothyroid              basilic              sacrospinalis              rectus              supinator              supracostal              adductor              retinaculum              subclavius              infrahyoid              multifidus              aponeuroses              iliacus              transversus              abdominis              semimembranous              recumbence              bulbospongiosus              masseters              medialis              suprascapular              sternohyoid              lumborum              brachialis             

Examples of "antibrachial"
Additionally there are: (C5-C8, and T1) Brachial plexus, providing the entire nerve supply of the shoulder and upper limb; and includes supraclavicular branches (dorsal scapular, suprascapular, long thoracic) lateral cord (musculocutaneous, lateral antibrachial cutaneous, lateral head of median nerve), medial cord (ulnar, medial head of median nerve, medial antibrachial cutaneous, medial brachial cutaneous), posterior cord (axillary, radial), controlling the arm.
It communicates with the medial brachial cutaneous, the dorsal antibrachial cutaneous branch of the radial, and the dorsal branch of the ulnar.
The antebrachial fascia (antibrachial fascia or deep fascia of forearm) continuous above with the brachial fascia, is a dense, membranous investment, which forms a general sheath for the muscles in this region; it is attached, behind, to the olecranon and dorsal border of the ulna, and gives off from its deep surface numerous intermuscular septa, which enclose each muscle separately.