Synonyms for anticlastically or Related words with anticlastically

uncurved              arcuated              semicircularly              curviplanar              anticlastic              hemispheroidal              orbiform              guessadding              hemicylindrical              nonflat              radiussed              edgeless              compoundly              synclastic              aspherically              semielliptic              convexely              ovaloid              arciform              hyperboloidal              isophote              pyramidical              curvation              semicylinder              frustaconical              bulbously              ellipsoidally              ovoidal              cornerless              synclastically              parabolically              parabaloid              frustal              parabolical              obtusebase              dihedron              parabolas              hyperbolically              osculation              doglegged              erose              parallelogramatic              concavedly              arctuate              involutes              frustrum              archwise              meniscoid              directrix              convexoconvex             

Examples of "anticlastically"