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dimitra              irini              aikaterini              ioanna              angeliki              athina              eirini              panagiota              roumpesi              avramidou              eleni              papadopoulou              evangelia              afroditi              chrysoula              karagianni              plevritou              dionysis              papanika              tsaganeas              anthi              konstantina              tzeni              anthoula              vassiliki              solomou              stamatis              vasiliki              voula              giota              fotini              myrto              ifigeneia              zafeiriou              aggeliki              pantelidi              thodoris              valtinos              evaggelia              foteini              ilektra              natassa              stikoudi              lefteris              dionisis              christoforos              lambrou              fotis              nikoleta              theodoridou             

Examples of "antigoni"
The next morning at the hospital, Antigoni and Alexandros are informed that Vera had a very concentration of sleeping pills in her system and died. Vera was "supposedly" buried privately by Antigoni, however we never saw her body. Antigoni then fled to London, telling her family that they never accepted Vera and that it was their fault that she was driven to suicide.
Antigoni Roumpesi or Antigoni Roumbesi (, born 19 July 1983 in Athens) is a female Greek water polo player, World Aquatics gold champion and Olympic silver medalist with the Greek national team.
Vera is Myrtle Anagnostou's best friend and is the girlfriend of Stefanos Doukas with whom she shared a twenty-year affair while he was married to Myrtle Anagnostou. When Stefanos' daughter Antigoni was 4 years old, she ran away and was found by Vera. Vera sent her to be raised with her sister in London, making Antigoni believe that her parents had treated her badly. When Vera's sister contracted Cancer Antigoni moved back to Athens and Vera introduced her to her biological family. Vera continued to manipulate Antigoni into thinking that they hated her, but was unsuccessful. Despite this, Vera and Antigoni shared a very close relationship, Antigoni always turning to her in emotional times rather than her parents. Shortly after Antigoni returned, Vera got engaged to Stefanos, despite the abusive way they treated each other throughout their relationship, as they realised they were soulmates. Shortly after the marriage it was uncovered that Vera stole Antigoni, and Vera tried to defend this by saying that Antigoni said she didn't want to go home, after Vera offered to take her back to her parents. However, Stefanos immediately hated Vera after finding out the truth along with Myrtle, and Stefanos wanted to end their marriage, however Vera psychotically in love with Stefanos refused to give up and tried to save their marriage through forms of psychological and sexual torture. Vera called upon the help of Antigoni, and Stefanos remained married to her to please his long lost daughter. However, they continued to have a very strained relationship.
Pavlos is distraught with the return of his sister Antigoni and tells his mother Myrto that he is moving out as he catches her in the company of Antigoni (whom he hates after she tormented her family by doing a deal with Angelo her fathers rival and holding a gun to Pavlos' head) Renos had told Pavlos in a prior episode that Antigoni was on the opposite island from Spetses.
His most theatrical plays he acted was "Alkistis Antigoni" ("Alcestis Antigone"), "Macbeth", "Pluto", etc.
Throughout her schooling and early years Antigoni Papadopoulou was very active in politics.
Myrto's and Stefano's youngest child Antigoni was taken by her best friend, Vera, 15 years ago, when Antigoni was 4 years old after Antigoni wondered off during a fight between Myrto and her now first husband, Stefanos. Vera was also having a 20 year affair with Stefanos during Myrto's and Stefanos's marriage, she marries Stefanos early in the first season. Soon after, Antigoni returns and despises her biological parents as she was led to believe by Vera that they treated her badly. When she realises that her parents truly love her, and missed her deeply, the secret of her kidnapping is exposes and she is ostrisised by the family. Antigoni defends her saying that she is the only mother she has ever known, however Myrto and Vera's friendship is ruined forever. Later in the season, Antigoni marries Alexandros, Stefanos's henchman against her parents will, whom she only met months before their marriage. He is a golddigger, and Vera encouraged him to marry Antigoni as she is seeking revenge on Stefanos for ignoring her after the secret of the kidnapping is exposed. Vera is persistent with Stefanos refusing to let him push her out of his life and trying to make their marriage work.
She has five children Renos Doukas, Pavlos Doukas, Antigoni Douka, Eva Anagnostou and Andreas Argiriou. (adoptive son)
Antigoni Valakou (; April 1930 – 12 November 2013) was one of Greece’s most important film and stage actresses.
Antigoni Douka (previously Mavrakis) is a fictional character on the ANT1 television series "Erotas", played by Adamantia Kontogiorgi.
Later that day, Vera goes to a pharmacy and buys a packet of sleeping pills, she consumes the entire packet, and drives to Antigoni's house. Antigoni and her husband Alexandros, whom Vera got to marry Antigoni, as a form of revenge against Stefanos so he could take Antigoni's inheritance and cause financial ruin on his estate, ask her what is wrong. Vera asks for water, not telling them that she had consumed the pills, after drinking the water, she tells Antigoni that she wants her to know that she loves her and collapses.
Burgazada, Burgaz Adası, or shortly Burgaz (, "Antigoni") is the third largest of the Princes' Islands in the Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul, Turkey.
Heaven Is Ours (Greek: Oi ouranoi einai dikoi mas) is a 1953 Greek drama film directed by Dinos Dimopoulos and starring Antigoni Valakou, Aleka Katselli and Alekos Alexandrakis.
Antigoni Drisbioti (; born 21 March 1984 is a Greek race walker who represented Greece at the 2016 Summer Olympics, finishing in the 15th place.
Antigoni Psychrami (Greek: Αντιγόνη Ψυχράμη), commonly spelled as Antigoni Psihrami, is a Greek singer who rose to fame after her participation on the first season of the talent show "Greek Idol" in 2010. She subsequently released the digital single "Xamogela". In March 2011, she was one of six candidates who competed to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, competing with a song titled "It's All Greek to Me".
Antigoni Psychrami and her friend Nicole Paparistodimou have their own radio program on Web Radio Station C R Radio. The program is named "Sigatikoi stin Trela"(English: Crazy roommates).
He studied with Prof. Hubert Käppel at the Hochschule für Musik Köln and continued his studies with Simon Dinnigan at the UCE Birmingham Conservatoire of Music and with Antigoni Goni at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles.
Alexandros is in hot pursuit of his estranged wife Antigoni. He no longer has the DVD controlling Stephanos and protecting Antigone from incarceration for the shooting down of an innocent lawyer (happened in Season 1). He does not make much progress, but eventually reports to Stephanos that he has made contact with Antigoni and settled his financial claims with her. For a temporary time, he acquires Antigoni's shares in the Doukas' family multimillion-dollar pharmaceutical company. He uses these shares as a way to make amends with Stephanos after willingly disobeying Stephanos' wishes to desert Antigoni. Alexandros proves his loyalty and gains Stephanos trust when he rescues Pavlo from criminals who have kidnapped both him and Christina in an effort to thwart Mirto's testimony at the trial convicting Aphroditi Apergi of the first degree murder of her late husband, Dr. Papadatos. Alexandros has now firmly re-established himself back into Stefanos' family and is dating Tania.
Kaneis de leei s' agapo () is a Greek popular television series written by Markella Grigoriou and Antigoni Pappa and directed by Stefanos Kontomaris, which aired on Mega Channel in 2004 and ran for 32 episodes.
Antigoni Goni (born 8 March 1969) is a Greek guitarist, recording artist, and performer, as well as the founder and Chair of the Pre-College Division of the Guitar Department at the Juilliard School