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giovanni_leone              francesco_cossiga              oscar_luigi_scalfaro              giuseppe_saragat              giovanni_gronchi              sergio_mattarella              sandro_pertini              amintore_fanfani              carlo_azeglio_ciampi              giorgio_napolitano              giuliano_amato              massimo_alema              mariano_rumor              paolo_gentiloni              luigi_einaudi              matteo_renzi              giulio_andreotti              enrico_letta              ivanoe_bonomi              bettino_craxi              giovanni_spadolini              arnaldo_forlani              cossiga              lamberto_dini              ferruccio_parri              fernando_tambroni              romano_prodi              ugo_la_malfa              marco_minghetti              mario_monti              giuseppe_zanardelli              renato_brunetta              walter_veltroni              sidney_sonnino              francesco_crispi              maurizio_sacconi              roberto_formigoni              giancarlo_galan              gentiloni              giuseppe_pella              giovanni_goria              flaminio_piccoli              fanfani              achille_occhetto              la_malfa              agostino_depretis              mino_martinazzoli              francesco_saverio_nitti              giulio_tremonti              roberto_maroni             

Examples of "antonio_segni"
In 1964, he won the Medal for meritorious school, culture and art was awarded, by President Antonio Segni.
At ninth round of voting, former Prime Minister Antonio Segni was elected President with 443 votes out of 854.
Notable people born here include the former presidents of the Italian Republic, Antonio Segni and Francesco Cossiga, and Enrico Berlinguer, secretary of the Italian Communist Party.
The 1963 45th Salone dell'Automobile was inaugurated by Italian President Antonio Segni on 30 October and closed on 10 November. The exhibitors were 524 from 13 countries, including 72 car manufacturers and 21 coachbuilders.
In Savona the old station was left abandoned for a long while. The new station, built between 1961 and 1962 to the design of the engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, was opened by President Antonio Segni.
The conservative DC politician Antonio Segni was appointed as new Prime Minister, forming a government with a centrist majority; while Aldo Moro was elected as new Secretary of the party, after a troubled national council at the "Domus Mariae".
Mariotto Segni, more often known as Mario, (born May 16, 1939 in Sassari) is an Italian politician, son of Antonio Segni, one time President of the Republic of Italy.
The Ebe training ship and the rest of the Air&Water Transport pavilion of the Museum were inaugurated on April 12, 1964 in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic Antonio Segni.
Zaccagnini was Minister of Welfare in 1959 under Antonio Segni, a position he maintained also in the following government led by Fernando Tambroni. In the same year (1960) he was Minister of Public Works under Amintore Fanfani.
The "Financial Times" posed the possibility that the paper coup was simply used as a way to sway coalition talks between the Christian Democrats and Socialists. President Antonio Segni was apparently running out of patience with the demands from Pietro Nenni.
The Giardino Alpino "Antonio Segni" (5,000 m²) is an alpine botanical garden located at 1,714 meters altitude in Refugio Vazzoler, Gruppo del Civetta, Col Negro di Pelsa, Taibon Agordino, Province of Belluno, Veneto, Italy. It is privately owned with a municipal affiliation, and open daily when Refugio Vazzoler is open.
The longest-lived president was Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, who died at the age of 95 years, 282 days. Sandro Pertini was the second longest-lived. The oldest living president, Giorgio Napolitano, will tie Ciampi if he lives to 7 April 2021. The shortest-lived president was Antonio Segni, who died at the age of 81 years, 303 days.
The garden was established in 1968 in the Dolomites, and named after Italian President Antonio Segni (1891-1972). Its mission is to educate hikers and the general public about the most important species of trees, shrubs, and grasses of the Alps and Dolomites, particularly those of the garden's local environment near the Massif Moiazza-Civetta.
Camillo Giardina (1907–1985) was an Italian Christian Democrat politician. He was minister of health (1959–1962) in the Government of Italy. He served in the cabinets of Prime Ministers Antonio Segni, Fernando Tambroni and Amintore Fanfani. He served in the Senate of Italy in Legislature I, Legislature II, Legislature III, Legislature IV and Legislature V.
Caron's first political office was as under-secretary for Civil Aviation. He served under-secretary for Public Works in the Government of Antonio Segni from 1955 to 1957, under-secretary for Defense in the 1957-1958 Governments of Adone Zoli and 1958-1959 Amintore Fanfani Government.
Later he was Minister of Foreign Affairs under Adone Zoli (1957–1958) and Antonio Segni (1959–1960), and Minister of Balance under Amintore Fanfani (1960–1962). Hostile to the alliance between DC and the Socialist Party, he retreated from frontline politics until 1972, when he became minister of Finances in the short-lived government led by Giulio Andreotti.
The President of Italy, Antonio Segni, gave Zanolli the title of the Man of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (1962), and in Mexico, the Unión de Cronistas de Música y Teatro named him Musician of the Year (1963).
Antonio Segni (; 2 February 1891 – 1 December 1972) was an Italian politician who was the 34th Prime Minister of Italy (1955–1957, 1959–1960), and the fourth President of the Italian Republic from 1962 to 1964. Adhering to the centrist Christian Democratic party (Italian: "Democrazia Cristiana" – DC), he was the first Sardinian ever to become Prime Minister of Italy.
In 1953 Moro, was re-elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies, where he held the position of chairman of the DC parliamentary group. He was chosen as Minister of Grace and Justice in the Antonio Segni 1st cabinet in 1955.
He was a member of the Italian Constituent Assembly and was later elected to the new Italian Chamber of Deputies in 1948-1958. In 1953, he was Minister of Merchant Marine, a position he held under two more governments until 1954. The following year, he was Minister of the Interior under the first government of Antonio Segni, being confirmed under the following ones, led by Adone Zoli and Amintore Fanfani respectively. In 1959, again under Segni, he was Minister of Economy.