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comparada              físico              biográficos              fonológicos              históricos              del_siglo_xvi              revisada              tesis_doctoral              ampliada              históricas              teórico              relaciones_internacionales              hispánicas              biográfico              boletín_del              arqueológicos              notas_sobre              lingüístico              historicos              económicos              del_siglo_xviii              saberes              pedagógico              siglo_xvi              narrativas              histórica              ambientales              antecedentes              preliminar              ideológico              una_aproximación              pedagógicos              desde_sus              discursos              comparativo              políticas_públicas              pedagógica              símbolos              escrituras              campañas              su_relación_con              educativas              públicas              inglesas              identidades              simbólica              jurídica              metodológica              biográfica              contemporáneas             

Examples of "antropológico"
Suplemento Antropológico, Universidad Católica, revista del centro de estudios antropológicos.
3. Catanzaro, Gianfranco: El hombre, ¿Un Objeto material o un ser trascendental?: Un recorrido Antropológico a través de la Filosofía de Friedrich Nietzsche y Leonardo Polo, Create Space: Estados Unidos 2012; 128 pp.
The most important museums are the Museu Antropológico da Universidade Federal de Goiás, Instituto Goiano de Pré-História e Antropologia, Fundação Museu de Ornitologia, Museu de Arte Contemporânea and Museu Zoroastro Artiaga. One interesting place is the so-called Memorial do Cerrado.
The city of Augusto Pestana, a former district of Ijuí, is named after him, as well as the main museum of Northwestern Rio Grande do Sul ("Museu Antropológico Diretor Pestana") and several streets and railway stations throughout Rio Grande do Sul and other Brazilian states.
Another great place that every visitor and tourist should not miss is this great Museum of Anthropology ("Museo Antropológico"). It offers great expositions of local artists as well as international ones, the whole place gives an atmosphere of modern architecture and technology. Every week the works and events are updated to be presented to the public. Prices can vary from 50 cents to $1.50, depending on the event or what is being exposed.
Museo Histórico y Antropológico Maurice van de Maele or (Spanish for "Historical and Anthropologic Museum Maurice van de Maele") is an anthropology and history museum in Valdivia run by Universidad Austral de Chile. The exhibitions at the museum deals with Mapuche and Huilliche culture and the German colonization of southern Chile. The museums exhibits collections of archaeological artifacts and also tools, toys, jewelry, textiles, ceramics and photo collection. The museum is named after Maurice van de Maele a Belgian amateur journalist, archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in Universidad Austral.
The site is believed to have once been a socioceremonial center with a substantial residential population between 500-1000 individuals. It contains a small mound which was once associated with a row of 14 statues. Ten of these depicted solitary individuals, while four included one individual- often chubbier, taller, wearing a conical hat and ornaments- riding atop the shoulders of a naked man, though some of these individuals also wore conical hats. Many scholars have interpreted these double individual statues as evidence for the existence of higher and lower status social groups within Barriles. A large metate (grinding stone) whose border was adorned by tiny stone heads has also been interpreted as evidence for violence or human sacrifice in the past. Many of the statues and the metate are on currently display in the Museo Antropológico Reina Torres de Araúz in Panama City.
Museo Romántico (Romantic Museum) is located in a Republican mansion inEl Prado district, showing objects from the history of the city. Costumes can be seen from the Carnival Queens to a replica of the old Abello ridge on the Paseo de Bolívar, through to the typewriter that Gabriel García Márquez wrote his first novel on, "La Hojarasca". There are also letters of Simón Bolívar, photographs, albums, collections of newspapers, and other items that identify the history of the city. Museo del Caribe (Museum of the Caribbean) is located in the Parque Cultural del Caribe. Museo Antropológico y Etnológico (Anthropological and Ethnological Museum.) is housed in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad del Atlántico. It presents a comprehensive collection of pieces from the indigenous cultures that inhabited the region. It also provides services as a newspaper library, reading room and exhibition hall. Museo de Arte Moderno (Museum of Modern Art)., established in 1996, brings together an important selection of works by several of the most important artists of the second half of the twentieth century. The collection includes works by renowned authors such as Fernando Botero, Alejandro Obregón, Enrique Grau and Luis Caballero. It is planned to be transferred to the Parque Cultural del Caribe.