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Examples of "aout"
All songs written by M. De San Antonio and Signal Aout 42.
Transformation is the first album released by Signal Aout 42 after its temporary break-up.
Signal Aout 42, also known as SA42, is a Belgian band.
Contrast is the second album by the electronic body music group Signal Aout 42. It was recorded by Jacky Meurisse.
Conviction is the third album by the electronic body music group Signal Aout 42. After this album, the band temporarily split up.
his sisters Ms Faitai and Adjoua Houphouet boigny and his cousin Yao Simon Yamoussoukro's chief of Canton (Judgement Supplétif numsber1261 – 26 AOUT 1960 – Tribunal of Toumodi – A Court Session opened to the public).
Pro Patria is the first album by the electronic body music group Signal Aout 42. The artwork was designed by Damien Vandamme. It was recorded by Jacky Meurisse at Tomorrow's Music Studio, Comines.
Kivach Nature Reserve () (also Kivach) is a Russian 'zapovednik' (strict nature reserve) established in 1931 to study and protect taiga of the Republic of Karelia. The site includes the famous 10.7 meter Kivach waterfall on the Suna River. The reserve is situated aout 20 km northwest of the town of Kondopoga in the Kondopozhsky District. It covers an area of .
Fontaine du Palais des Beaux-Arts, or Fontaine de l'Institut. 1806-1810. Léon Vaudoyer, sculptor. The fountain was taken out of service in 1865. The lions that decorated the fountain were moved in 1950 to the square between rue-6-juin-1944 and rue-du-25-aout-1944 in Boulogne-Billancourt, where they can be seen today.
During World War II, six 83-foot cutters, named "1" through "6", were transferred from the US Coast Guard in 1942. Three 121-ton SC class submarine chasers, "Touissaint L'Ouverture", "16 Aout 1946", and "Admiral Killick", were transferred in 1947, along with the 47-ton cutter "Savannah" and the light transport "Vertières". The two picket boats were withdrawn at this time.
At that time Signal Aout 42 was composed of Damien Vandamme who gave constructive ideas and who was in charge of visuals (graphics,record sleeves…) for the band,Jean Luc Szekanecz who took part to the writing of a couple of 12″ singles and to a few gigs,and Luc Vandamme for live percussions.
The "Times" obituary described him as "a man of great physical courage" who "had the gift of making little fuss aout the details of life". Saying that he had lived to see many of his originally controversial views on diet and hygiene generally accepted, it concluded that "his loss will be deeply regretted by the thousands to whom his name is a household word".
Barnabas Marsh, known as Old Man Marsh, is the grandson of Obed Marsh and the owner of the Marsh refinery at the time of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". Barnabas' father was Onesiphorus Marsh, Obed's son by his fully human wife; though Barnabas' mother, who was never seen in public, was apparently an actual Deep One. Zadok Allen says of him: "Right naow Barnabas is abaout changed. Can't shet his eyes no more, an' is all aout o' shape. They say he still wears clothes, but he'll take to the water soon."
Mauritania entered qualification for the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, which was their first entry in twenty years and second overall. Again, they were drawn to face Burkina Faso in a two-legged preliminary. The first leg was played at home in Nouakchott in front of 15,000 people on 31 May 1996, one day before any other matches in the round. The match finished 0–0. The second leg was played at the Stade du 4-Aout in Ouagadougou on 16 June 1996 in front of 13,000 people. Burkina Faso won 2–0 to advance to the final group phase.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of , all land. Clayton has an elevation of approximately 5050 ft. above sea level. It is located aout 130 miles northeast of Amarillo Texas. Clayton is considered to be in the Plains region of New Mexico. This region stretches to the Sangre de Cristos Mountains down to the Guadalupe Mountains.Clayton is located in the northeast corner of New Mexico, 10 miles from the border of Texas and 11 miles from the border of the Oklahoma panhandle. Clayton is also located near two parks, Clayton Lake State Park, and Capulin Volcano National Monument. A Carbon Dioxide Field called Bravo Dome can be found near Clayton and stretches nearly 1 million acres.
Dadasaheb decided to form his own company and stop working under the supervision of others. In Pune near Shankarshet Road, he formed his own company, called Saraswati Cinetone (सरस्वती सिनेटोन). The company's first movie was "Sham Sundar". The first Silver Jubilee movie of the Indian film industry, it turned out to be legendary. It introduced two young artists, Shahu Modak and Shanta Apte. Chintamanrao Modak, the famous sound recordist, and Baapurao Ketkar, the famous music director, began their careers on this movie. The company's second movie was "Aout Ghatakecha Raja", which introduced Master Viththal (who later became famous as Indian Douglas) as director. The first double role in Indian film was in this movie.
Bérard maintained his spot at Chambéry CF for the 2009 season in which he claimed his first victory on 28 March, when he finished 32 seconds in front of the runner-up at the Grand Prix Saint-Etienne Loire. In the Tour du Perigord - A Travers les Bastides he became third and he won the third stage of the under-23 edition of the Ronde de l'Isard. That result was followed by two second places in the first stage of the Tour des Pays de Savoie and the Mi-Aout Bretonne. In that last race he also claimed the third spot in the general classifications. In the Tour de l'Avenir he booked his biggest success as an amateur, by winning the first stage of the "Race of the future" in Dreux, France, while Romain Sicard and Dennis van Winden were the first riders to cross the finish line after Bérard. Not only was this his biggest success as an amateur, it was also the last time he was performing as such.