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Examples of "apenanti"
In September of that year, Rallia released her first live album from her show at Stavros tou Notou Apenanti called "Mono mia nyhta live". In October the very successful duo Rallia-Melina began a new series of very successful live performances at the club of Stavros tou Notou Apenanti that ended in May 2009.
In October 2011, Rallia returned to the club Stavros tou Notou Apenanti now called Stavros tou Notou Plus. She also released her fifth album under her own independent label called "Stin apenanti plevra". This album is exclusively available from the beam store as a high quality audio download.
Apenanti (Greek: "Απέναντι"; ) is the twelfth studio album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou, released on 12 March 2012 by Sony Music Greece.
In 2012 Theodoridou collaborated for the third time with Theofanous in the album Apenanti. The following year her 13th studio album, S'Agapo was released. The album was the last work for the composer Antonis Vardis.
In November 15, 2007, Rallia began a series of performances called "kati allo" which means "something else" on the music stage of Stavros tou Notou Apenanti. These shows with the musicians Alexis Apostolakis, Fotis Siotas, Odysseas Galanakis, Kostas Giannaris and Christos Alexakis were very successful.
In December, she signed an exclusive contract with Sony Music that released her fifth album “Stin Apenanti plevra” in compact disk. Furthermore, she travelled to many different places all over Greece and Cyprus giving concerts with her three musicians playing piano, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, electric guitar and lute, this whole range of musical instruments, punctuated by drums and other percussions.
Since 2000 to 2002 she was a member of the band "Oi Apenanti". She released only one album with the band, in 2002, titled "Mikri Agapi". Since then Aslanidou has been on a solo career. In 2003 she released her debut solo album, called "To Perasma". Her second studio album was released in 2005 with the title "Paihnidi Einai". In 2007 she released a CD single with three songs named "Psila Takounia" which were not included later in any studio album. In 2008 she released a compilation album titled "Sto Dromo".
Rallia Christidou (Greek: Ραλλία Χρηστίδου, ) is a popular Greek singer originating from Neo Irakleio, Athens. She started her studies in classic guitar and received a diploma from the National music school of Greece. Her name rose to fame when she took part in the second season of the television singing competition Fame Story in which she won the second place, just behind Kalomira, and a record deal with Heaven Music. Since then Rallia enjoyed huge success in Greece and Cyprus becoming one of the best young artists. She made 7 albums, two of them platinum in Cyprus. In 2011 after a fight with Heaven Music, about her last album 'Stin apenanti plevra' and how it will be published, Rallia left the company not wanting to publish her new album along with a newspaper and published it with other label. 'Stin apenanti plevra' is her first album as a composer of all the songs, and as many say, the best album of her career till now, and one of the best in 2011. Rallia cooperated with the biggest names in Greek music such as Giannis Kotsiras and many others, becoming one of the most quality young voices in the Greek music industry.