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Examples of "application"
Web application, Graphics application, Gaming application
Application-ID is used to identify for which Diameter application the message is applicable. The application can be an authentication application, an accounting application, or a vendor-specific application.
The word "application", once used as an adjective, is not restricted to the "of or pertaining to application software" meaning. For example, concepts such as application programming interface (API), application server, application virtualization, application lifecycle management and portable application apply to all computer programs alike, not just application software.
The Application Manager in the Settings application can be used to Force Stop the application.
Business Department: Business Technology Application 1, Business Technology Application 2, Business Technology Application 3, Business Math
The Content-Type used is "application/pkixcmp"; older versions of the draft used "application/pkixcmp-poll", "application/x-pkixcmp" or "application/x-pkixcmp-poll".
A divisional patent application (sometimes referred to as a divisional application or simply a divisional) is a type of patent application which contains matter from a previously filed application (the so-called parent application). Whilst a divisional application is filed later than the parent application, it may retain its parent's filing date, and will generally claim the same priority.
x265 can be invoked as a command line application or integrated to another application through the application programming interface.
Three kinds of bail applications were defined: a release application, a detention application and a variation application.
A type of patent application which contains matter from a previously-filed application. Also referred to simply as "divisional application".
A divisional application also claims priority based on the filing date of the parent application, but differs from a continuation application in that a divisional application claims a distinct or independent invention "carved out" of the parent application. A divisional application must share at least one of the inventors named in the parent application. A divisional application is often filed after the examiner issued a "restriction requirement", because a patent can only claim a single invention (cf. unity of invention).
An application architect works with a single software application.
A filed application generally receives an application number.
CASPA or the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants is an application service for graduate-level PA programs. Similar to the Common Application used by some undergraduate institutions and the American Medical College Application Service used by medical schools, CASPA allows students to submit one application to multiple schools. The CASPA application platform is a service offered by the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA).
IGATE's key services include Application Development and Application Maintenance,
The application an application provided by the Sabily community.
Application - An application (function call) is processed to extract
Each application resides with a rigorously enforced application memory space, which consists of the application code and data segments. This means that an application has full access rights to its own code and data, but can not directly access that of another application. If an application attempts to access an area outside its space, it results in an abnormal end to process
In certain offices a patent application can be filed as a continuation of a previous application. Such an application is a convenient method of including material from a previous application in a new application when the priority year has expired and further refinement is needed. Various types of continuation application are possible, such as "continuation" and "continuation-in-part".
Advantages of FBE application over conventional liquid coating application are: