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Examples of "aptana"
Aptana, Inc. is a company that makes web application development tools for Web 2.0 and Ajax for use with a variety of programming languages (such as JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Python). Aptana's main products include Aptana Studio, Aptana Cloud and Aptana Jaxer.
Aptana also offers the simplified APL license for organizations that don't need to redistribute Aptana Studio or its derivatives outside of the company.
Aptana was acquired by Appcelerator, Inc. on January 7, 2011. Employees of Aptana were absorbed to the Mountain View campus of Appcelerator and work is scheduled to continue on the release of Aptana 3.0. Appcelerator in their webcast made users aware of their intention to integrate their mobile application framework with Aptana Studio, with a planned beta within Q1 2011. Emphasis on visual workflow was indicated for both of the products and continued support will continue for existing Aptana products. Appcelerator put Jaxer on GitHub.
Aptana IDE provides considerable support for Adobe AIR.
Aptana uses a "dual licensing" model. Under this model, users may choose to use the Aptana IDE under the free software/open source GNU General Public License (commonly known as the "GPL") or under the Aptana Public License (known as the "APL").
As of November 2009 Aptana has significantly scaled back development and support of Jaxer. An Aptana representative noted that "there hasn't been sufficient adoption to make it a money earning proposition."
Aptana Studio 3 provides the following support for PHP application development:
Aptana announced that their previously commercial Pydev Extensions are now open sourced.
Aptana Studio is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for building web applications. Based on Eclipse, it supports JavaScript, HTML, DOM and CSS with code-completion, outlining, JavaScript debugging, error and warning notifications and integrated documentation. Additional plugins allow Aptana Studio to support Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Perl, Adobe AIR, Apple iPhone and Nokia WRT (Web Runtime). Aptana Studio is available as a standalone on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, or as a plugin for Eclipse.
Aptana version 1.5 provided support for developing PHP applications via the add-on PHP plugin. This included:
In the 2.0 version, Aptana did not provide its own PHP plugin, but transferred development efforts to the PDT project.
Aptana Studio comes with the following JavaScript libraries, but more can be added or updated if desired.
Aptana Studio provides support for Python in the form of the PyDev plugin. This provides the following advantages:
With the GPL license, the Aptana IDE is available free of charge, as long as the redistribution (if any) of the Aptana IDE adheres to the terms of the GPL license. Users may download the software for free and modify, integrate and distribute it.
Aptana Studio is available as an open source Community Edition. The previously available features in the paid-for Pro Edition were merged into the Community Edition. All of the features in Pro are now part of the standard Community Edition of Studio, thus Aptana ceased to exist as a multiple edition IDE.
Aptana is currently led by Paul Colton, Founder and CEO, Uri Sarid, CTO/VP, Engineering and Kevin Hakman, Director of Evangelism. The staff headcount surpassed 25 after September 1, 2008. Aptana is an active participant in the OpenAjax Alliance, with Hakman serving as director of the IDE Working Group.
The Nokia Web Runtime provides support for developing rich mobile apps for Nokia S60 series phones. This includes over 30 models and tens of millions of units in use around the world. The Nokia WRT Plug-in for Aptana Studio provides features that enable the creation, editing, testing and deployment of WRT widgets from within Aptana Studio.
On May 2008, the book "Aptana RadRails: An IDE for Rails Development", written by Javier Ramírez, was published by Packt Publishing.
When Appcelerator acquired Aptana in January 2011, they acquired PyDev by extension. Zadrozny was kept as head of the project. Since then, development of PyDev has accelerated.
Aptana Cloud Connect is Aptana's web hosting and application management service. Cloud Connect provides the infrastructure required to host applications developed using technologies supported by Aptana Studio and is primarily based on Apache, with support for general web/Ajax, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Jaxer. Cloud Connect also supports Java-based web applications, which may be deployed and managed using the Cloud service. All applications hosted on Cloud Connect may be developed offline, deployed and managed directly using the Cloud management features included in Aptana Studio. The Cloud Connect service also provides team management, hosted source control (using Subversion), remote editing/preview and application synchronization between local, staging and production environments.