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Examples of "aquajogging"
Aquajogging is a water sport and activity. Unlike a swimmer, an aquajogger moves in the water in an upright position. A purpose-made buoyancy belt is usually used to help maintain the position. Aquajogging is often done in a swimming pool.
From the start of the 21st century, aquajogging has been increasingly popular as physical exercise and even competitive sport, outside its therapeutic use.
The Aquajogging World Championships are a yearly event, which has been organized since 2004 in inland. There are different categories: Relay (3 x 50 meter), Marathon (1000 meter) and individual competitions (50 meter).
Aquajogging started in America as an exercise method for pre- and post-surgery patients. It has proven a suitable form of exercise for elderly people and overweight people because of its low impact to the joints and its effectiveness due to the water resistance. This combination avoids muscle soreness, stress fractures and aching joints.
There are many sport clubs in Höxter. The biggest club is the Höxter Handball and Athletics Club (HLC Höxter), which furthermore offers fitness courses, swimming, aquajogging, back gymnastics, badminton and judo. There is also the Höxter-Weserbergland Football Arena. There, on two indoor courts on artificial turf, the year round, the newest generation of football can be played.
The current world record for the relay is from 2006 by Katja and the Girls, Katja Backman, Jenni Salonen, Reetta Salminen in a time of 03:46 (min:sec). Jouni Laukkanen holds the world record at the marathon competition with 27:33 (min:sec) (2006). He also holds the world record for the individual competitions 00:54 (min:sec) (2007). Also in 2008, the Aquajogging World Championships will be held, this time it will be possible for anybody in the world to participate.
International records are held by the Netherlands, relay (3x50m) with a time of 06:59 (min:sec). Team: Dutch Association in Finland: Jos Helmich/Kaija Helmich/Marina Nijhuis. Sweden holds a record in the relay (3x50m) as well, with a time of 10:01,6 (team: Swedish aquajogging society: Pierre Lindgren, Eva Nordlander, Tanja Sergeeva). Germany has a record in the marathon by Erik Hass with a time of 35.09. Finally, Hanna Wierenga from the Netherlands holds the record in the individual competition for girls until 18 (25 meter) with a time of 00:56 (min:sec).