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Examples of "arbiters"
Arbiters are electronic devices that allocate access to shared resources.
The identities of the arbiters are secret. Each participating writer on an arbitration, however, is given a list of all writers who are eligible to act as arbiters. Each participating writer has the right to challenge a reasonable number of names on the Arbiters' List and those members who have been challenged will not be solicited to read the arbitration.
Some individuals have had careers as strong players and later become International Arbiters. Notable examples include:
Ivan Sutherland and Jo Ebergen, in their article "Computers without Clocks", describe Arbiters as follows:
The current Tournament Arbiters are IA Alex McFarlane and FA Andy Howie.
The first regulators were the "Automobile Club de France", who proclaimed themselves arbiters of the record in about 1902.
The clerics and paladins of Lendys are justice-bringers, often serving as judges and arbiters for local communities.
By coincidence, Emperor Ashravan has been rendered brain-dead by a failed assassination. The high-ranking officials called "Arbiters" have kept this a secret, since they will lose their positions if a new Emperor is selected. In desperation, the arbiters offer Shai her freedom if she can Forge a new soul for the Emperor, even though soul forging is considered illegal and unholy.
GENA Base Client to Arbiter provides for the ability to send and receive notifications using HTTP over TCP/IP and administratively scoped unreliable multicast UDP. Provisions are made for the use of intermediary arbiters, called subscription arbiters, which handle routing notifications to their intended destination. It was defined in "" (now expired).
On the PCI bus, as mentioned above, the ANS uses the Bandit PCI bridge, just as the PM9500 does. The PCI bus arbiters are also identical (343S0182). The bus arbiters receive the PCI Bus Request signals and issue the Bus Grant Signals to the PCI slots and to the PCI bridge chips (Bandit).
1984 saw the publication by him of two books: "Camp: The Lie That Tells The Truth", and "The Original Eye: arbiters of twentieth-century taste".
In electronics, an "arbiter" is a circuit designed to determine which of several signals arrive first. Arbiters are used in asynchronous circuits to order computational activities for shared resources to prevent concurrent incorrect operations. Arbiters are used on the inputs of fully synchronous systems, and also between clock domains, as synchronizers for input signals. Although they can minimize the occurrence of metastability to very low probabilities, all arbiters nevertheless have metastable states, which are unavoidable at the boundaries of regions of the input state space resulting in different outputs.
Emerging technological capabilities to more widely distribute hosting and support much higher bandwidth in real time are bypassing central content arbiters in some cases.
Titanes also had a cheater referee . Other famous arbiters include , Albert Chain, El Conde Schiaffino, Professor Eduardo Davis and Johnny Well.
"And if you fear a breach between them, then appoint an arbiter from his folk and an arbiter from her folk. If they (the arbiters) desire reconciliation, Allah will affect it between them. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware."
Around the turn of the century, Pekingese dogs became popular in Western countries. They were owned by such arbiters of fashion as Alexandra of Denmark (wife of Edward VII), and Elsie de Wolfe, popular American interior decorator.
Clerics of Allitur act as judges and arbiters in disputes, as messengers, as legal advisers, and as scribes. They're enactors of punishment for criminals, oathbreakers, and violators of taboos, so they have a martial aspect as well.
Davis is mainly known for his work in computer architecture and asynchronous circuits, including influential work on arbiters. He has numerous technical publications and has supervised numerous Ph.D. dissertations.
Taras Mikhailovich Bezubyak (; born July 25, 1955, Chortkiv, Ternopil Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, USSR) is a Soviet and Russian football referee, one of Russia's most respected arbiters 90s. International judge FIFA referee.
Investigations began into the basic power of the Actor model. Carl Hewitt [1985] argued that because of the use of Arbiters that the Actor model was more powerful than logic programming (see indeterminacy in concurrent computation).