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laevigatum              insulare              ciliatum              lepidota              setigera              pedicellata              fastigiata              cuneifolia              laxiflora              glabrescens              oblongifolia              ambiguum              hirtella              mucronata              inconspicuum              citrinus              membranacea              labill              atropurpurea              ciliata              connata              plumosa              colorata              calcicola              uliginosa              debilis              recurva              floribundum              ramulosa              subsessilis              palicourea              calcarata              ellipticus              laxum              campanulata              lecanora              corymbosa              platycarpa              flexuosum              parsonsia              spathulata              radlk              arenarium              caesia              erubescens              tetragona              candicans              physcia              glabrum              vestita             

Examples of "arbuscula"
"Artemisia arbuscula" Nutt.–little sagebrush, low Sagebrush, black sage
The glasswort "Sclerostegia arbuscula" is dominant around the island's coast.
The larvae feed on "Haloxylon ammodendron" and "Salsola arbuscula".
The larvae feed on "Vaccinium arbuscula" and "Polygonum douglasii".
Eudendrium arbuscula is a marine species of cnidaria, a hydroid (Hydrozoa) in the family Eudendriidae.
The planar hydroid, Sertularella arbuscula, is a branching colonial hydroid in the family Sertulariidae.
One of the protected plants in the area is the paleoendemic Daphne arbuscula.
One of the protected plants in the area is the paleoendemic Daphne arbuscula.
Phyllanthus arbuscula is a species of plant in the Euphorbiaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica.
This species usually feeds on "Eudendrium arbuscula", a hydroid in the family Eudendriidae.
"Eremophila arbuscula" is classified by the Queensland Government as of "least concern".
As described in Stace and BSBI "Salix arbuscula" has the following characteristics:
A crossing in Russia of "U. glabra" and "U. pumila", the Siberian Elm, produced the hybrid "Ulmus × arbuscula".
Terminalia arbuscula (also called white olive) is a species of plant in the Combretaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Originally published by Robert Brown under the name "Salicornia arbuscula", it was transferred into "Sclerostegia" by Paul G. Wilson in 1980, before being merged into "Tecticornia" in 2007.
Two trees survive in eastern European arboreta. "U. × arbuscula" is not known to have been introduced to North America or Australasia.
The larvae feed on the leaves of "Arbuscula arbuscula". They create a leafy case, consisting of five to six obliquely arranged pieces. The valve is two-sided and not compact. The length of the case is and the color is matte chocolate-brown although the terminal part is dark brown. Larvae can be found in June and (after diapause) again from the end of April to the beginning of May. Young larvae hibernate.
Section "Tridentatae" includes above species with exception of "Artemisia longiloba", which is treated as a subspecies of "Artemisia arbuscula". Section "Nebulae" includes "Artemisia californica", "Artemisia nesiotica", and "Artemisia filifolia".
The black stink sponge, "Ircinia arbuscula", is a species of marine demosponge in the family Irciniidae. This sponge is known around the Australian coast and around South Africa from the Cape Peninsula to Cape Agulhas.
This plant grows in subalpine climates at the crest of the Toiyabe mountain range on clay soils covered in loose quartzite scree. It grows in sagebrush habitat alongside "Artemisia arbuscula", "Leptodactylon pungens", and various grasses.