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proavus              gymnotidae              caproidae              veliferidae              gonostomatidae              hiodontidae              latimeriidae              stichaeidae              harpesaurus              hatcheri              stenopterygius              necrolemur              opistognathidae              champsodontidae              kotochalia              palaeotragus              myllokunmingia              banjosidae              ariommatidae              schindleriidae              dinofelis              goniopholis              pierolapithecus              catalaunicus              tenuidactylus              microcachrys              catopsaloides              extinctus              matthewi              aegyptopithecus              bonplandi              dasyurinae              chaudhuriidae              nomeidae              dichistiidae              bathyclupeidae              sivalensis              nemegtbaatar              diplomesodon              ipnopidae              ercaicunensis              vicetinus              cymbospondylus              obdurodon              gyrinocheilidae              atherfieldensis              pseudemoia              hildebrandtia              lutreolina              decaryochloa             

Examples of "archaeophis"
Archaeophis is an extinct genus of snake from the Eocene of Monte Bolca.
Fossils from Monte Bolca are commonly available for sale by commercial fossil dealers, and due to their popularity and preservation regularly sell for several hundred euros. Fossil species include the moonfish "Mene rhombea" and "Mene oblonga", the batfish "Eoplatax papilio", the spadefish "Exellia velifer", the "angelfish" carangid, "Ceratoichthys", a crocodile, "Crocodilus vicetinus", and a snake, "Archaeophis bolcaensis".
The Danata Formation is famous for its ichthyofauna. The fish are found in a 9 m thick clay horizon in the middle of the succession, that has been dated as Upper Paleocene. This includes fossils of the Turkmenidae family. "Luvarus necopinatus" was first described in this formation. Other fossils of fish include the genera "Eospinus, Danatinia, Exellia, Turkmene" and "Avitoluvarus." The snake species "Archaeophis turkmenicus" has also been described.