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kilwaughter              drummiller              drumgath              skeagh              ballyphilip              tamlaght              ballyhenry              aghaderg              derryaghy              castlequarter              drumbeg              drumgooland              lurganboy              ballynamona              carnteel              kilchreest              skehanagh              drumfad              ballytrustan              stabannan              killyman              kilthomas              cloonmore              kilconierin              drumcaw              ballyloughan              killogilleen              carrowreagh              kilbixy              drumadonnell              rodanstown              breaghwy              lisnamuck              lislea              friarstown              ardbane              drumcanon              corgarve              kinneigh              kilmood              taghsheenod              kilbroney              kilshanny              aglishcloghane              whitechurch              clonyhurk              magheragall              lisboy              athlacca              ballynagall             

Examples of "ardquin"
Ardquin civil parish contains the following townlands:
Aghaderg, Annaclone, Annahilt, Ardglass, Ardkeen, Ardquin
Ardquin is a civil parish and townland (of 190 acres) in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is situated in the historic barony of Ards Upper.
He was born at Ardquin, County Down, youngest son of Robert Echlin, and great-grandson of Robert Echlin, Bishop of Down and Connor from 1612 to 1635. His mother was Mary Leslie, daughter of Henry Leslie, Bishop of Meath and his wife Jane Swinton. His father died shortly after Robert's birth, and seems to have left his family in poverty.
Acre McCricket, Aghacullion, Aghandunvarran, Aghavilly, Aghlisnafin, Aghnaleck, Aghnamoira, Aghnatrisk, Aghyoghill, Angus Rock, Annacloy, Annadorn, Annaghanoon, Annaghbane, Annaghmakeonan, Annahunshigo, Ardaghy, Ardarragh, Ardbrin, Ardgeehan, Ardglass, Ardigon, Ardilea, Ardkeen, Ardkeeragh, Ardmeen, Ardminnan, Ardquin, Ardtanagh, Ardtole, Attical, Audley's Acre, Audleystown, Aughintober, Aughnacaven, Aughnacloy, Aughnadarragh, Aughnadrumman, Aughnafosker, Aughnagon, Aughnahoory, Aughnaloopy, Aughnaskeagh, Aughnavallog, Aughrim
Coniamstown translates to Baile an Choiniamaigh in Gaelic, the area is believed to get its name from John de Balicoingham, rector of Ardquin. He was elected to the seat of Down in 1328 and was sent by the Pope to Cork in 1330. The area retained his name thereafter.
He was born at Ardquin, County Down, the second son of Robert Echlin and great-grandson of Robert Echlin, who was Bishop of Down and Connor from 1612 to 1635. His mother was Mary Leslie, daughter of Henry Leslie, Bishop of Meath (died 1661) and his wife Jane Swinton. His father died when his children were still very young, and seems to have left his family in some financial difficulty. Henry's younger brother was Lieutenant-General Robert Echlin (c.1657-c.1723), commander of the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons, and later a prominent Jacobite.
Ballymacanallen, Ballymacanally, Ballymacaramery, Ballymacarrett, Ballymacaratty Beg, Ballymacaratty More, Ballymacarn North, Ballymacarn South, Ballymacarron, Ballymacashen, Ballymacateer, Ballymacbredan, Ballymacbrennan, Ballimachoris, Ballymackilreiny, Ballymacmaine, Ballymacnamee, Ballymaconaghy, Ballymaconnell, Ballymacormick, Ballymacreelly, Ballymacromwell, Ballymacruise, Ballymadeerfy, Ballymaganlis, Ballymagaraghan, Ballymagart, Ballymagaughey, Ballymagee, Ballymageogh, Ballymaghan, Ballymaghery, Ballymagin, Ballymaginaghy, Ballymaglaff, Ballymaglave North, Ballymaglave South, Ballymagreehan, Ballymakeonan, Ballymalady, Ballymarter, Ballymartin, Ballymenagh, Ballyminetragh, Ballyministragh, Ballyminnish, Ballymiscaw, Ballymisert, Ballymoney, Ballymorran, Ballymote Lower, Ballymote Middle, Ballymote Upper, Ballymullan, Ballymurphy (Annahilt), Ballymurphy (Ardquin), Ballymurphy (Greyabbey), Ballymurry, Ballynabragget, Ballynacraig, Ballynadrone, Ballynafern, Ballynafoy (Annaclone), Ballynafoy (Knockbreda), Ballynagallagh, Ballynagappoge, Ballynagarrick, Ballynagross, Ballynagross Lower, Ballynagross Upper, Ballynahatten, Ballynahatty, Ballynahinch, Ballynamagna, Ballynanny (Annaclone), Ballynanny (Clonduff), Ballynaris, Ballynaskeagh, Ballynavally, Ballyneddan, Ballyneddan Upper, Ballynester, Ballynewport, Ballynichol, Ballynoe