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Examples of "arinc"
ARINC 828 combines classical aircraft interfaces like discretes, ARINC 429 or ARINC 717 buses with PC technology like USB, DVI, LVDS and Ethernet.
Though known for publishing "ARINC Standards", this role is independent of ARINC commercial activities.
ARINC partnered with FlightAware and uses the FlightAware web application for ARINC Direct business aircraft operators.
SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 allow creating both ARINC 661-compliant CDS and UA. For CDS developers, the toolchain features a complete customizable ARINC 661 compliant model-based widgets library and the automated generation of a portable ARINC 661 server, compliant with the DO-178B/C safety objectives up to level A. For UA developers, the toolchain features the model-based design and generation of DFs and the automatic generation of communication code between SCADE Suite UA models and the ARINC 661 Server.
COTS specification tools for DF specification currently include SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems, DiSTI's GL Studio ARINC 661 Toolkit and Presagis VAPS XT 661 Toolkit.
Communication between the modules can use an internal high speed Computer bus, or can share an external network, such as ARINC 429 or ARINC 664 (part 7).
Based on a subset of ARINC 615A features (the avionic data loading protocol for data loading over Ethernet), ARINC 826 provides basic features for avionics data loading.
ARINC Industry Activities involve three aviation committees:
LRUs may be designed to ARINC 700-series standards. The form factor of LRUs comply to ARINC Standards, ARINC 404 and ARINC 600. LRUs are also defined by manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing and by various military organizations. In the military, electronic LRUs are typically designed to interface according to data bus standards such as MIL-STD-1553. On the International Space Station, LRUs are referred to as Orbit Replaceable Units.
ARINC 424 or ARINC 424 Navigation System Data Base Standard is an international standard file format for aircraft navigation data maintained by Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee and published by Aeronautical Radio, Inc.. The ARINC 424 specifications are not a database, but a "standard for the preparation and transmission of data for assembly of airborne navigation system data bases".
Arinc (New York Radio) handles all Communications on HF Frequencies.
The ARINC Standards are prepared by the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC). The 700 Series of standards describe the form, fit, and function of avionics equipment installed predominately on transport category aircraft. The FDR is defined by ARINC Characteristic 747. The CVR is defined by ARINC Characteristic 757.
The field covered by ASAAC in "Def Stan 00-74" is similar to ARINC 653 (ARINC 653 is a software specification for space and time partitioning in avionics). However, there are differences between the two standards: Some features of ASAAC API, such as file handling, thread managing inside process, or debugging, are not considered in ARINC 653.
While it is common to illustrate serial protocol frames progressing in time from right to left, a reversed ordering is commonly practiced within the ARINC standard. Even though ARINC 429 word transmission begins with Bit 1 and ends with Bit 32, it is common to diagram and describe ARINC 429 words in the order from Bit 32 to Bit 1.
ARINC has expanded its business in aerospace and defense through its ARINC Engineering Services subsidiary. With the sale of the company to Rockwell Collins, the ARINC Engineering Services subsidiary split into Commercial Aerospace and Defense Services. The Defense Services branch was then purchased by Booz Allen Hamilton, remaining part of the Carlyle group.
Although ARINC 818 was developed specifically for avionics applications, the protocol is already being used in sensor fusion applications where multiple sensor outputs are multiplexed onto a single high-speed link. Features added in ARINC 818-2 facilitate using ARINC 818 as a sensor interface.
The ARINC 429 unit of transmission is a fixed-length 32-bit frame, which the standard refers to as a 'word'. The bits within an ARINC 429 word are serially identified from Bit Number 1 to Bit Number 32 or simply Bit 1 to Bit 32. The fields and data structures of the ARINC 429 word are defined in terms of this numbering.
ARINC 661 does not imply the use of a particular Data bus structure to perform the low-level communication between CDS and UA. For example, an ARINC 429 or ethernet protocol can be used, but it is not mandatory.
ARINC 573 is an avionics data bus standard developed by ARINC. It is mostly used with Flight Data Recorder that use 12bit words in continuous data stream encoded in Harvard biphase.
ARINC 650 and ARINC 651 provide general purpose hardware and software standards used in an IMA architecture. However, parts of the API involved in an IMA network has been standardized, such as: