Synonyms for aristata or Related words with aristata

microphylla              umbellata              paniculatum              sericea              divaricata              corymbosa              chrysantha              oblongifolia              auriculata              thyrsiflora              nepalense              helenium              laxiflora              laurifolia              involucrata              uniflora              cuneata              oppositifolia              cocculus              hispidula              parviflora              longiflora              latifolium              herbacea              glabrescens              speciosum              tabernaemontana              latifolia              ellipticum              multifida              millettia              salicifolia              diversifolia              verticillata              obtusifolium              micrantha              scandens              trifolia              fargesii              heliotropium              myrtifolia              ramosissima              randia              lancifolia              decne              paniculatus              albiflora              bracteata              cernua              mikania             

Examples of "aristata"
Excluded species: "Teloxys aristata" (Syn. "Dysphania aristata" (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants, "Chenopodium aristatum" L.).
"Pandorea pandorana" and "Clematis aristata" are the two main climbers.
Gaillardia × grandiflora ("G. aristata" × "G. pulchella") is an ornamental plant.
Protea aristata (aristata = sharp-tipped leaves), was first collected by the botanists T. P. Stokoe and R. Primos in 1928 near the town of Ladismith in the Cape Province, South Africa. In spite of being locally common in the Seweweekspoort the plant species could not be found again until 1953, prior to which it was considered to be extinct. "Protea aristata" has become one of South Africa's most famous proteas in spite of its relatively late 'discovery'.
The larvae feed on "Helianthus annuus", "Hypericum perforatum", "Clematis aristata" and "Acacia" species.
"Gaillardia aristata" is a widely cultivated ornamental plant, used as a perennial garden flower.
The larvae feed on "Celtis" spp., Trema spp., Chaetachme aristata, Ficus ingens.
Pouteria aristata is a species of plant in the Sapotaceae family. It is endemic to Cuba.
This area has abundant alpine plants like Dactylorhiza aristata, Dicentra peregrina and so on.
Salvia aristata is a perennial, root stout, woody plant found in Iran and Turkey.
Loxocera aristata is a species of fly and member of the family Psilidae.
The larvae feed on "Craibia brevecaudata", "Scutia myrtina", "Rhamnus prinoides", "Cryptocarya woodii", "Scutia myrtina", "Chaetachme aristata", and "Drypetes gerrardii".
Melica aristata is a species of grass known by the common names awned melic and bearded melicgrass.
In India, "B. aristata" is used in traditional herbal medicine. Its stem, roots, and fruits are used in Ayurveda.
The critically endangered Blue-eyed Uintjie ("Moraea aristata") flower is totally endemic to this vegetation type and occurs nowhere else.
This species was previously described as a subspecies of "Pinus balfouriana" ("Pinus balfouriana aristata"). "Pinus aristata" is currently regarded as one of three closely related species known as bristlecone pines and is sometimes named Rocky Mountains bristlecone pine or Colorado bristlecone pine.
Medicinal plants include fritillaries ("fritillaria"), stonecrop ("rhodiola"), Indian barberry ("berberis aristata"), Chinese caterpillar fungus ("ophiocordyceps sinensis"), "codonopsis" and Lingzhi mushroom ("ganoderma").
"Aloe variegata" and "Aloe aristata" are especially commonly used for these hybrids, as they are far more amenable to hybridization with Gasterias than most other Aloes.
Larvae feed on "Trema orientalis", "Albizia adianthifolia", "Celtis africana", "Cola natalensis", "Chaerachme aristata", "Bafia racemosa", "Afzelia quanzensis", "Milletia sutherlandi", "Maytenus senegalensis", and "Craibia brevecaudatus".
Quercus aristata is a Mexican species of oak in the beech family. It is native to western Mexico, found in Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, and Guerrero.