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Examples of "arnam"
From his biography on the Australian Research Network for Advanced Materials (ARNAM), his focus is:
The chairmen were Ted White and Dave Van Arnam. The guests of honor were Lester del Rey (pro) and Bob Tucker (fan). The toastmaster was Harlan Ellison. Total attendance was approximately 1,500.
Ted White (born February 4, 1938) is a Hugo Award-winning American writer, known as a science fiction author and editor and fan, as well as a music critic. In addition to books and stories written under his own name, he has also co-authored novels with Dave van Arnam as Ron Archer, and with Terry Carr as Norman Edwards.
Until 1 January 2007 Gørlev was also a municipality (Danish, "kommune") in West Zealand County. The municipality covered an area of 92,06 km², and had a total population of 6,556 (2005). Its last mayor was Jørgen Arnam-Olsen, a member of the Venstre (Liberal Party) political party.
In 1967, a novel based on the series, with significant changes to the personalities of the characters and the design of the ship, was published by Pyramid Books, and written by Dave Van Arnam and Ted White (as "Ron Archer"). A scene in the book correctly predicts Richard Nixon winning the Presidency after Lyndon Johnson.
The gardens continued to evolve with memorial collections commemorating friends of the Garden. Among these were The Nancy Roberts Pope Memorial Narcissus Collection, the Dr. Irving Roberts Rhododendron Collection, the Madeline Livesey Friendship Garden, the Polly Brooks Minor Bulb Collection, a collection of hardy rhododendron, azaleas and allied plants given by Joan and Bill Van Arnam in memory of her father, and the Christian Azalea Collection, funded by Mr. and Mrs. Wirt Christian in honor of Mrs. Christian’s mother.
"Phoenix", a 1963 collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley, was White's first professionally published story, which he later expanded into the novel "Phoenix Prime", beginning the "Qanar" series of books. His first novel, "Invasion from 2500" (1964), was written in collaboration with Terry Carr under the pseudonym Norman Edwards. Between 1964 and 1978 he wrote two science fiction series and 11 standalone novels, including one Captain America novel. Two of the novels were written in collaboration with Dave van Arnam, one with David Bischoff and one, using White's "Doc Phoenix" character, with Marv Wolfman.
In "Sideslip" by Ted White and Dave van Arnam, a private detective from our New York finds himself in an alternate reality where Earth is under occupation by interstellar humanoids nicknamed "Angels", who had landed in 1938, taking advantage of the confusion following Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" radio program, and had ruled Earth as a colony ever since. In "Starspawn" by Kenneth Von Gunden, Earth is infiltrated by small parasitic aliens capable of attaching themselves to a human and controlling him or her - similar to the scenario of Heinlein's aforementioned "The Puppet Masters" - except that the invasion takes place in Medieval England, against the background of knights besieging a castle. In similar settings at Poul Anderson's "The High Crusade", an alien ship lands at a Medieval English village, but the overconfident would-be conquerors find out the hard way that they are not immune to swords and arrows; the humans take over the ship and proceed to carve out an empire among the stars, but lose contact with Earth which goes on with its familiar history. In "Eifelheim" by Michael Flynn, an alien spaceship lands in central Europe in the middle of the Black Death.