Synonyms for aromalunni or Related words with aromalunni

pakshe              panimudakku              thumbolarcha              akalangalil              kaathirunna              mahanagaram              kunjuvava              adimakal              rajakkanmar              ponmuttayidunna              iniyum              kannappanunni              sphodanam              kalikkalam              iruvattam              tharattu              mazhavilkavadi              manathe              nagarangalil              chukkan              ennoru              katturumbinum              vilkkanundu              kodalu              rajyathu              nirangal              rathilayam              moodiya              tharavu              manavaatti              virunnukari              kannukal              maakkam              kunjikannan              ninakku              rajavu              ulladakkam              raparkam              bandhangal              kinnaram              punarjanmam              urangatha              ishtamanu              monagadu              udamakal              varavu              pingami              manasam              ellarum              cheppu             

Examples of "aromalunni"
Vadakkan Pattukal (or Ballads of North Malabar) is a collection of Malayalam Ballads of medieval origin. These songs present sagas of heroes like Aromal Chekavar, Thacholi Othenan, Kannappa Chekavar, Aromalunni and heroines like
Aromalunni is a 1972 Indian Malayalam film, directed and produced by Kunchacko based on "Vadakkan Pattukal", a collection of Northern Ballads of medieval origin. The film stars Prem Nazir, Vijayasree, Ravichandran and Sheela in lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan. The film is a sequel to 1961 film Unniyarcha.
During his peak time, Nazir gave life to many characters and enjoyed a wide popularity among all sects of the society. He has played historical characters based on "Vadakkan Pattukal". "Aromalunni", "Kannappanunni", "Thacholi Ambu" and "Padayottam" are some major films in this genre. Although the actor faced criticism for playing such roles as his physique was least suited for it, he still enjoyed a huge fan following among the audiences. He was well known for his roles as Hindu deities like Rama, Krishna and Ayyappa. In his movies, Nazir was well known for playing the eternal romantic hero and the good guy who would bash up the villains without remorse.
According to the ballads, Chandu was a "Chekaver" (warrior), like his cousins Aromal Chekavar and Unniyarcha. Chandu Chekaver secretly hates Aromal's family because his love for Unniyarcha was spurned. This leads to him taking part as Aromal's helper in a duel (""Ankam"") with Aringodar Chekaver. Seeing that Aromal won, Chandu takes matters into his own hands and unexpectedly stabs his cousin to death. Henceforth, the word "Chathiyan", meaning "Betrayer", is added to his name to indicate his infamy. Unniyarcha, herself a warrior and Aromal's sister, vows revenge for her brother's life. Revenge is finally achieved when her son Aromalunni Chekaver challenges Chandu to a duel and kills him.
Attummanammel Unniyarcha was from the famous Puthooram Veedu of North Malabar. She was the sister of Aromal Chekavar (another legendary warrior) and Unnikannan. She was trained in the arts of the kalari, and an expert at wielding the urumi, a flexible sword used in kalaripayat. Unniyarcha spurned Chandu (or Chanthu) Chekavar's love for her, which led to the murder of her brother Aromal by Chanthu. Later, Aromalunni, the son of Unniyarcha, took revenge against Chanthu. Unniyarcha is praised for her bravery and beauty and chronicles have to this day kept the legend alive.
She gained popularity due to her beauty and was considered as the most sexiest actress in the Malayalam film history. She was a contemporary of the popular Malayalam actress Jayabharathi.Her most notable films are "Angathattu" (1973),Postmane Kananilla (1972),Lanka Dahanam (1971),Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka (1972),Pacha Nottukal (1973),Taxi Car (1972),"Aromalunni" (1972),"Ponnapuram Kotta" (1973)..etc.In all these films, she starred opposite Prem Nazir and the Prem Nazir-Vijayasree pair created biggest hits in box office."Theirs was the most successful pair in Malayalam cinema ever,I cannot think of a single film of theirs flopping." says R. Gopalakrishnan, one of the senior-most still photographers in Malayalam cinema.Many of her movies are directed by Kunchacko.At the end of her career she parted ways with Kunchacko and joined with P. Subramaniam.