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paintings              sculptures              murals              collages              portraits              lithographs              tapestries              masterpieces              canvases              mosaics              exhibitions              creations              monoprints              watercolors              engravings              maquettes              gouaches              galleries              statuary              mementos              woodcuts              sketchbooks              artwork              canvasses              linocuts              statues              sculptors              dioramas              frescos              frescoes              sculptural              figurines              piranesi              monotypes              collage              mezzotints              carvings              serigraphs              triptychs              landscapes              renderings              statuettes              miniatures              likenesses              renditions              scrapbooks              ephemera              painters              watercolours              objets             

Examples of "artworks"
A number of artworks featured in the story were inspired by actual artworks found in Musée d'Orsay.
In 2006, the gallery organized a public art project called "Studio in the Park" that brought 11 site-specific artworks artworks to Riverside Park in upper Manhattan.
"Nahum B. Zenil - Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy." "Nahum B. Zenil - Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy". N.p., n.d. Web. 2 May 2016.
Barcsay-hall (Barcsay-terem) is the biggest gallery to exhibit the student's and foreign's artworks. But you will find four other smaller places to show the artworks.
Gallery conservators undertake projects to safeguard artworks by preventing, slowing down, remedying or reversing decay and damage while ensuring artworks are safely displayed, stored or transported.
In marketing, art infusion is the general influence of artworks on perceptions and evaluations of products with which the artworks are associated.
This is an incomplete list of artworks at the Frick Collection in New York City, United States, which mainly holds European artworks from before the 20th century.
Robertson's artworks are held by Godalming Museum.
Artworks was created worldwide using AndreaMosaic including
The following artworks are characteristic for Holle's early period:
TECHNOLOGY EXPERIMENTS IN ART: Conserving Software-Based Artworks, January 2014.
• The objects of interpretation are artworks, not artists
Bell's artworks are represented at the following museum collections:
Artworks were under the same censorship as other media;
Cheltenham features several sculptural artworks of note, including:
1986 Line Drives, Gallery 53/Smithy Artworks, Cooperstown, NY
1984 Bases Loaded, Gallery 53/Smithy Artworks, Cooperstown, NY
FORECAST Public Artworks Public Art Affairs Grantee, 2007
Artworks include jewellery, quilting, glass art, paintings, woodwork and more.