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koleva              tsiartsiani              filipova              dimova              zagorcheva              panagiota              afroditi              angeliki              ilieva              krassimira              nikolaidou              papadopoulou              tsiolakoudi              irini              aleksieva              natasa              grigorova              tsvetelina              mladenova              ioanna              rangelova              yordanova              tsvetanka              penkova              ginka              ermakovatatiana              luminita              robnik              karademir              svetla              pavlina              gulbe              zdravkova              ralitsa              kirkova              csilla              rumyana              elisavet              szilvia              maryia              karagianni              boteva              stoyanova              voronkova              artamonova              mazina              voronina              borislava              panayotova              angelova             

Examples of "arvaniti"
"The Desert Is in Your Heart" (titled Πεθαίνω Στην Ερημιά or Pethaino Stin Erimia in Greek) is a song recorded by Greek singer Sofia Arvaniti and Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler. It was released as a single from Arvaniti's third studio album, "Parafora" (1992). The lyrics are bilingual; Arvaniti sings in Greek and Tyler sings in English. The song was composed by Greek singer and producer Michalis Rakintzis, with lyrics by Arvaniti and Terry Siganos.
After five successful years with the Greek team, she started playing beach volleyball as a partner of Vassiliki Arvaniti.
Her greatest achievement to date has been the silver medal she gained with Vassiliki Arvaniti at the XVII Mediterranean Games held at Mersin, Turkey.
Betty Arvaniti (; born 4 August 1939) is a Greek actress. She appeared in 40 films and television shows between 1965 and 2002.
Thems syneidiseos ( is a 1973 Greek film produced by Finos Films, directed by Petros Lykas and starring Nikos Kourkoulos and Betty Arvaniti.
The Dawn of Victory () is a 1971 Greek war film directed by Dimis Dadiras, written by Giorgos Lazaridis and starring Lakis Komninos, Betty Arvaniti and Miranta Kounelaki.
Maria Tsiartsiani (; born 21 October 1980 in Thessaloniki) is a Greek Olympic beach volleyballer. She competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics, partnering with Efthalia Koutroumanidou. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she competed with Vassiliki Arvaniti.
Sofia Arvaniti (Σοφία Αρβανίτη 1968) is a popular Greek singer. She is best known outside Greece for her collaboration with Bonnie Tyler on the album Parafora (Παράφορα) of 1992.
In April 2014, Maria Tsiartsiani returned to action after a successful surgery on the right shoulder and only a few months after she had given birth to her first child, and she teamed up with her ex-teammate Arvaniti.
Jack Hedley starred in the central role of Alan Haldane, whilst other notable cast members in the serial included Betty Arvaniti, Neil McCarthy, Stefan Gryff, Patience Collier, Jack Watson, Lalla Ward, Gareth Thomas, Patrick Magee, Marina Sirtis and Sally Knyvette.
In her first season in beach volleyball, and despite being the new member of the team, she managed (with Vicky Arvaniti) to finish 5th in the finals of the European Championship held in Klagenfurt, Austria hosted by CEV.
In addition, on 28 July 2013 she won the Greek Championship held in Athens and she – along with Arvaniti – was the player who would represent the Greek National Team in all international competitions for the following year.
Soon after this, she teamed up with Pigi-Anna Metheniti (with whom she played until late 2015) and a few weeks later they managed to finish 2nd in the Greek Championship behind Arvaniti/Tsiartsiani.
The music video for "The Desert Is in Your Heart" features Arvaniti wandering alone in a desert. Tyler does not appear in the music video, though archived footage of her 1986 music video for "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)" is shown on a small, muted TV.
She reached her first important FIVB milestone on 14 December 2013, by obtaining the 9th position at the FIVB Beach Volleyball Durban Open for the first time in her career, this being the greatest achievement for the team since she partnered up with Vicky Arvaniti.
Gia sena kai gia mena (For you and for me) is a compilation album of songs written by Phoebus (music & lyrics) and Eleni Giannatsoulia (some lyrics) was released by Sony Music. It featured songs numerous Greek singers, such as Sofia Arvaniti, Katy Garbi, Thanos Kalliris, Dionysis Schinas, Pashalis Terzis, Polina, Natassa Pantelidi, Ntinos Vrettos, Petros Kolettis and Lorna.
Vasiliki ("Vasso") Karantasiou (born January 6, 1973 in Athens, Greece) is a female beach volleyball player from Greece, who won the gold medal at the 2005 European Championships in Moscow, Russia, partnering Vassiliki Arvaniti. She represented her native country at the 2004 Summer Olympics in her home town, after having competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics as well.
Readers of the music magazine "Popcorn" voted him "Best singer of the Year" in 1991. Mihalis Rakintzis worked with international stars such as Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, rocksinger Bonnie Tyler and Wee Papa Girl Rappers. He has also written songs for other Greek artists, such as Paschalis, Eleni Dimou, Dimitris Kontolazos, Sophia Arvaniti, Stelios Dionisiou, and Vassilis Karras.
Moreover, during the same year, they finished 2nd in the Greek Championship, losing 2-1 to Arvaniti/Tsiartsiani at a "repeat" final as of 2014. Also, they took part in two tournaments for the Balkan Championship in Burhaniye and Thessaloniki finishing third and second respectively. Finally, she competed in the CEV Continental Cup Rounds 3 and 4 where she got the second place, getting a ticket for the finals of the competition which will be held in Stavanger, Norway in June 2016.
In 1992, Mando was the first Greek artist to form her own fan club. It now has more than 20,000 members. She was also the first artist to create her own website. She appeared at the night club 'Athens On The Rocks' alongside Paschalis, a Greek singer and songwriter Sofia Arvaniti. In the period 1985-2007, she has sung with Anna Vissi, Nikos Karvelas and Vasilis Papakonstantinou, and has co-operated with songwriters such as Michalis Rakintzis and Costas Haritodiplomenos.