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nikolopoulos              papathanasiou              giannopoulos              dimitriadis              alkis              andreou              makridis              panagiotidis              manthos              konstantaras              lambrou              kastrinakis              stavrou              panagiotopoulos              fokas              tsakiris              theodoropoulos              yiorgos              michalakis              nikolaou              voglis              vasileios              filippou              axiotis              michailidis              georgiades              oikonomou              christoforos              michaelides              dimitriou              thodoros              stathis              kazakos              vasilopoulos              grigoriou              mamatziolas              aristeidis              pantazis              triantafillidis              gikas              stergiou              dionysis              stefanidis              argiris              daskalopoulos              diamantis              valtinos              papaioannou              papatheodorou              kalogeropoulos             

Examples of "arvanitis"
Cinematographer Giorgos Arvanitis serves as president of the TIFF Board.
Themis Cholevas, Panagiotis Manias, Takis Christoforou, Stelios Arvanitis, Nikos Milas, Mimis Stefanidis,
Giorgos (or Yorgos) Arvanitis (; born February 22, 1941) is a Greek cinematographer.
The classical composer Yiannis Papaioannou (Greek: Ιωάννης Παπαιωάννου) wrote a musical work with the title "Vasilis Arvanitis" (1945).
John Arvanitis was raised by his grandparents while both of his parents were focused on their business interests.
Amongst the wider Greek-speaking population, until the interwar period of the twentieth century, the term "Arvanitis" (plural: "Arvanites") was used to describe an Albanian speaker, regardless of their religious affiliations, including Islam. On the other hand, within Greek Epirus, the term "Arvanitis" is still used for an Albanian speaker, regardless of their citizenship and religion.
"Amateur pankration" was first introduced to the martial arts community by Greek-American combat athlete Jim Arvanitis in 1969 and later exposed worldwide in 1973 when he was featured on the cover of "Black Belt" magazine. Arvanitis continually refined his reconstruction with reference to original sources. His efforts are also considered pioneering in what became mixed martial arts (MMA).
From the first, "Vasilis Arvanitis" was greeted with critical acclaim. Apostolos Sahinis, reviewing it in 1944, described it as "a book which can without hesitation be considered faultlessly perfect", and another reviewer, K. Despotopoulos, decided that "with "Vasilis Arvanitis", Myrivilis has arrived at the peak of his artistic maturity and, at the same time, has brought this genre of our prose fiction to perfection". Perhaps, however, the judgement which pleased Myrivilis most was that given by the poet Angelos Sikelianos, who, comforting Myrivilis soon after the German occupation of Greece, embraced him, saying: "Don't worry, as long as books like your Vasilis Arvanitis... are being written, Greece will endure".
Famous surnames of the 16th century are Vlachopoulos, Grantos in 1507, Vamvakas, Gardikiotis, Therianos, Kontomaris, Mihalitzis, Vlassis, Melahrinos, Smoilis, and Arvanitis.
Arvanitis previously played in the Greek Super League with Paniliakos F.C., OFI Crete and Olympiakos Volou.He also played for Football League (Greece) clubs Ionikos F.C. and Kallithea.
Vasilis Arvanitis () is a novella by the Greek writer Stratis Myrivilis set on the island of Lesbos (Mytilene) in the first decade of the Twentieth Century.
The Australian novelist and short story writer Beverley Farmer described the English translation of "Vasilis Arvanitis" as “a jewel of a book”.
John Arvanitis (born March 7, 1994), known by his stage name Akillezz, is an American rapper born in Livingston, New Jersey.
The Eagles played their home games at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois, under the direction of head coach Tim Arvanitis.
Dimitrios "Dimitris" Arvanitis (born 9 August 1980 in Patras) is a Greek footballer who plays for Gamma Ethniki club Asteras Amaliada F.C. as a Defender.
Apart from Plevris, electoral candidates for the party have included: (in 1999) Panayiota Adonopoulou (Παναγιώτα Αντωνοπούλου), Nikolaos Michaloliakos (Νικόλαος Μιχαλολιάκος), and Michail Arvanitis-Avramis (Μιχαήλ Αρβανίτης-Αβράμης).
Later that year, after the tour for "Hellbound", guitarist Rudy Graf left the band and was replaced by Niko Arvanitis, a former band mate of Rittel in Stormwind.
In May 2007, a Joint Security Station (JSS) was established in Baiji named "JSS Arvanitis-Sigua" after two US Paratroopers who lost their lives in combat in Bayji.
The administration team of AEK HC for the period 2006–2007 consisted of Nikos Georgantzoglou and Costas Stamatiadis. The coach was Giannis Arvanitis, assistant also coach of the Greece national handball team.
The ensemble is directed by Alexander Lingas, a musicologist of Byzantine music at City University, London. Guest artists with similar interests regularly appear with the ensemble, including Ioannis Arvanitis, Peter Jermihov, Stelios Kontakiotis, Ivan Moody, and Vladimir Morosan.