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Examples of "arvyla"
"Radio Arvyla" is a Greek idiom that means "false rumor". Literally it means "Army-boot Radio".
Second is the FM 101 which operates since 1988 with the leadership of Antonis Kanakis of Radio Arvyla, and is now the first radio station in Greece transmitting international hits, today.
Antonis Kanakis (born Antonios Doumas, 17 February 1969) is a television host and an actor. He was born in Thessaloniki but has worked for many years in Athens. He is known for being one of the major participants in the TV satirical show "A.M.A.N ta Katharmata" together with Sotyris Kalyvatsis and Giannis Servetas. He is now the key-host of the parody show Radio Arvyla. He has also worked for the municipality-owned radio station of Thessaloniki, Kiss FM of Thessaloniki, ET3 channel, and Star Channel. In parallel with Radio Arvyla he takes part in a Radio Station "Imagine". He has done some minor parts for Cinema, including the movies "Chaivania 3-0" and "Treis Files"
In August 2010, Interscope released the single, "In Love with You." In March 2011, the song was aired on the Greek television comedy show "Radio Arvyla" and because of this, it was met great success, reaching No. 1 overall on the Greek iTunes pop charts. During this time, he had also worked with some of his musical heroes such as Pharrell, Mike Elizondo, Chad Hugo, and Dr. Dre.
Radio Arvyla () is a Greek live show hosted by ANT1 in Thessaloniki. It first aired on April 2008. It is hosted by Antonis Kanakis, Giannis Servetas, Stathis Panagiotopoulos and Christos Kiousis. It mainly criticizes the political life and what prevails in the modern social life through parodies,videos and jokes. It's a show that isn't afraid to show the truth and most of the time, it does that, with a humorous way.
On June 2008 Saddolls entered the Fragile Studios to record their first full length album "About Darkness" The self-financed album was mixed and produced by Vangelis Yalamas and mastered by John Petrolias. At the beginning of 2009 the band signed a record deal with the Greek label Emotion Art Music. On the official album release party the first music video for the song "Watch Me Crawl Behind" was aired exclusive. Soon the band started touring around Greece along with TV appearances such as Mad Day Live, Radio Arvyla and TV War.
In 2008, Levendis was named General Manager of ANT1, and the same year he began to serve as a judge on Greece's The X Factor. Since taking over, Levendis has repositioned Antenna as the most contemporary station in the Greek market. The rebranding strategy which included new logo, complete station makeover and a new internet strategy has placed Antenna to a new era. High rating shows include 'Greece Has Got Talent', 'Next Top Model'. 'Dancing with Stars','The X Factor', 'Radio Arvyla', 'Wipeout', 'The Next Uri Geller', 'Greys Anatomy', 'Ola', 'Axizis na to deis', and the morning show '10 to 1'. Antenna has once again entered the sports domain broadcasting Formula One, Greek A1 Basketball League, for the 2009 season and the UEFA EUROPA league for three consecutive years.
On The X Factor, Levendis has been characterized as the "good judge", while he has had confrontations with fellow judge Giorgos Theofanous on various issues. In November 2009, relations between the two escalated when Theofanous mocked Levendis' Greek language skills, stating that Levendis should have fellow judge Katerina Gagaki translate and write out his thoughts for him to read instead. Theofanous also criticized Levendis' tendency to vote for acts that sing predominantly international songs instead of Greek, claiming that there is currently a crisis in the Greek music industry and that he is not helping with his actions. In January 2010, Levendis' Greek language skills were put into question again when popular ANT1 talk show "Radio Arvyla" created a parody of Levendis using an actual soundbite of him that demonstrated his lack of fluency in Greek. The parody became a viral hit in Greece and prompted the formation of a Facebook group, while Levendis later acknowledged it was funny and was bound to catch on.
In the period of 1998-2000, the band had already composed three original songs. From 2001, the band’s performances became more often and they began to appear in important live stages such as “Mesogeios Live Stage” and “Café Americain” supporting the well established group Blues Wire. In March 2002 they appeared at a concert in the Cultural Center of Thermi, where they performed their original songs live. In November of that year they recorded for the first time one of their songs, entitled “Let’s Go Party”. In December they recorded another one of their songs “See How Much I Love You”. In July 2003, they recorded “Now Is The Chance” and in September “It’s A Pity”. In January 2004, the fourth member, Thodoris Nikolaou, bassist, officially joined the band. The same month, the band paid a great tribute to Elvis Presley with a very special gig at Mylos live Stage in Thessaloniki. In February, they recorded another track, named “She Is A Liar”. In April–May 2005, they supported Blues Wire once again in their appearances at “Café Americain”. In early 2006, they put on another tribute to Elvis Presley, as well as a series of tribute nights to The Beatles at Mylos Club in Thessaloniki. In November, the band paid tribute to Queen and the late Freddie Mercury, performing numerous songs of their discography. In December, another live tribute for John Lennon was done. In 2007, they continued to perform live tributes, that time to U2 and The Beatles, while making appearances throughout Greece. The appearance supporting Louisiana Red and Blues Wire at Mylos Club in Thessaloniki was a great success. In 2008 The Skelters performed live their song “Let’s Go Party” on a very popular Greek TV show,“Radio Arvyla”. That year, they also supported Iron Butterfly on a concert in Thessaloniki and jammed with Puressence. Moreover, they supported Paul Di’ Anno on a concert in Thessaloniki Port.