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Examples of "aspergers"
Autism Society
Mr. Ko has made claims of having aspergers syndrome.
Duprey sponsored a resolution to create a day of awareness for individuals diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.
Attwood is also featured in a number of videos on YouTube, in which he speaks on various aspects of Aspergers.
Aspergers is a Asperger syndrome, a neurobiological syndrome which affects social and communication skills. It may also refer to:
He has said that he has Asperger's Syndrome and that he started uses cannabis to help with cope with Aspergers.
His books include "Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals", which has been translated into 20 languages and provides information on diagnosis, problems of social relations, sensory issues, motor control and other typical issues which face people with Asperger's and their support networks. His other books include "The Complete Guide to Aspergers Syndrome, Exploring Feelings for Young Children with High-Functioning Autism or Aspergers Disorder, From Like to Love for Young People with Aspergers Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder): Learning How to Express and Enjoy Affection with Family and Friends. "
In 2016, after taking a ten year career break to come to terms with Aspergers Syndrome, Tinley opened a music shop in Glastonbury, UK.
Szatmari is known for his writings on Aspergers genetics, infant studies, and PET and MRI studies. He is also known for his diagnostic criteria for Asperger syndrome.
His son, David Aleksander Evans, was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 2008. One of David's specialists diagnosed Justin himself with Aspergers six months later, in 2009.
Hansen has had an article published on CNN's religion blog, titled "Mr. Spock Goes To Church. How One Christian Copes With Aspergers Syndrome."
Psychiatrists Michael Fitzgerald and Antoinette Walker believe that Pearse had Aspergers saying "Given his enormous talents and enigmatic, eccentric, immature and contradictory nature, Pearse can be understood in terms of Asperger's syndrome"
Hass' wife, Tamra, who grew up in Pendleton, is a speech pathologist who has spent the last ten years specializing in helping children with autism and Aspergers Syndrome. She has co-written two books and CD manuals.
Hale also has several partners that offer programs to children they serve. These partners include the Greater Boston YMCA, Bird Street Community Center, the Watertown Boys and Girls Club, and Mass General Hospital's Aspire program for children with Aspergers syndrome.
After the tragic plane crash, Asperger's work was largely discredited and forgotten. Most autism researchers chalked up Aspergers findings simply to mental fatigue, refusing to believe that something as trivial as morning autism could possibly exist.
Carl Gould (Dwayne Hill 2009–2010, Dylan Hoerner 2010–present) is a cream rabbit with brown hair and blue glasses. His favourite colour is blue. He has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and his best friend is George Lundgren.
Reitman is a prominent Autism and Aspergers advocate, and active writer and lecturer on the topic of neurodiversity. His non-fiction work, "Aspertools: The Practical Guide for Understanding and Embracing Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Neurodiversity", included his review of the scientific community's research conducted over the last nearly 40 years, and was published by HCI Books on April 7th, 2015. In the first weeks after its release, it climbed to #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers list within the Autism and Aspergers category. In 2015, he founded "", a site developed to provide neurodiversity resources and inclusive support communities for those on the autism spectrum or with neurological disorders.
The ALS Department at Pathways acts as a full-fledged support system, catering to the needs of students who are slow learners or suffer from learning disabilities, ADD/ ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome. The department employs Special Educators who set up the systems and procedures for supporting all ALS students.
There are shows on several medical conditions like cancer multiple sclerosis, Aspergers, Asthma, blindness, disabilities, diabetes, alcoholism, Alzheimers or recovering from strokes and treatments like herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, natural medicine, hypnotherapy and Biblical medicine. Other programmes focus on broader health issues like nutrition, special needs, mental health, suicide, gambling addiction, pregnancy, safe sex, general well-being and physical fitness.
Whilst in the house, he struggled to socialise and integrate with his fellow housemates. Love made headlines around the world when he confessed in the diary room that he suffers from Aspergers syndrome, a neurological condition that can cause the sufferer social anxiety and affect speech and communication.