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Examples of "atabae"
Atabae is a city in the suco of Rairobo (subdistrict Atabae, Bobonaro District, East Timor).
Atabae is a administrative post in the Bobonaro District of East Timor. Its population at the 2010 census was 10,976. The capital of the administrative post is Aidabaleten, which is sometimes wrongly named "Atabae", too.
The real village of Atabae lies in the suco of Rairobo.
The capital of Bobonaro is East Timor's fourth largest city, Maliana. it has a population of 13,200. It sits at 9.00°S and 125.22°E, 149 km from to the southwest of the national capital, Dili. The next two largest cities in the district are Bobonaro City (also known as Aubá), with 6,700 people; and Lolotoi with a population of 3,800. Another village is Atabae in Atabae Subdistrict.
The meeting ended with both parties agreeing that Portugal would meet with political leaders in East Timor, but the talks never took place. In mid-November, Indonesian forces began shelling the city of Atabae from the sea, and captured it by the end of the month.
For the most part the Kemak live in Atabae, Cailaco, Maliana (Bobonaro District, 39,000 Kemaks) and Atsabe (Ermera District, 18,500 Kemaks), but also partly in the Cova Lima District (2,100 Kemaks) of East Timor and in Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia. According to the 2010 East Timor census, 61,969 people identify Kemak language as their mother tongue. In 1970, there were 45,084 people.
Bobonaro District () is one of 13 administrative districts within the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste commonly known as East Timor. It is the second-most western district on the east half of the island. It has a population of 92,045 (Census 2010) and an area of 1,376 km². Its subdistricts are Atabae, Balibó, Bobonaro, Cailaco, Lolotoi (also spelled Lolotoe) and Maliana. In Portuguese Timor, the district was the same; however its capital was at Vila Armindo Monteiro, which is now called Bobonaro.