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Examples of "athenaplus"
AthenaPlus is a CIP best practice network started in March 2013 which aims to facilitate access to networks of cultural heritage, enrich metadata, as well as improve search, retrieval and re-use of Europeana’s content by enhancing multilingual terminology management and the export/publication tool. By the end of the project, AthenaPlus will contribute more than 3.6 millions of metadata records to Europeana, from both public and private sectors, focusing mainly on museums content.
In addition to enabling access to cultural heritage, AthenaPlus is also focused on creative use of content, and adapting data to users with different needs by means of tools that support the development of virtual exhibitions, tourist and didactic applications.
MOVIO is an open source CMS, a kit of tools, developed within the AthenaPlus project, which enables web content creation. MOVIO has a semantic approach; it can be defined as a SCMS (Semantic Content Management System) as well. It enables building online digital exhibitions targeted to different audiences and aims to enable long term accessibility to the mass of knowledge generated by temporary exhibitions that, for their nature, have a limited life span. The content is shaped using different tools integrated in the software: media archive, ontology builder, storyteller, different types of image galleries, hotspots, maps, timeline, etc. The project was initiated by the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of the Italian Libraries (ICCU), a body of the Ministry, developed by GruppoMeta, and owing to a grant of the Fondazione Telecom Italia 2011. MOVIO is released under MIT license that allows the widest possible reuse of software. The source code has been published on GIT-HUB.