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Atilio Boron received a PhD from Harvard University.
The most frequent line-up was: Acacio Caballero, Atilio Braneri, Atilio Barderacco, Miguel Fontana, José Luis Boffi, Julio Giachi, Juan Bru, Humberto Bassadone, Marcelino Martínez, Martín Salvarredi, Alberto Granara.
José Atilio Benítez Parada is Salvadoran General, ambassador and former Minister of Defense.
The Estadio Atilio Paiva Olivera holds 27,115 people and was used in the 1995 Copa América.
Doctor Atilio Oscar Viglione is a village and municipality in Chubut Province in southern Argentina.
Atilio Lombardo Nolle (1902 - 21 June 1984) was a Uruguayan professor, botanist and agrostologist.
|1.||23 June 2011||Estadio Atilio Paiva Olivera, Rivera, Uruguay||||3–0||3–0||Friendly
Atilio Vásquez (born November 9, 1959) is an Argentine sprint canoer. He competed in the mid to late 1980s.
Atilio Stampone (born July 1, 1926) is an Argentine pianist, composer and arranger prominent in the Tango genre.
Atilio Rinaldi (d. 1980) was an Argentine film editor. He worked on over ninety films during his career.
Estádio Atilio Paiva Olivera is a multi-use stadium in Rivera, Uruguay. It is currently used mostly for football matches.
Higinio Atilio López Riveros (5 February 1925 – 14 July 2016) was a Paraguayan football striker and coach.
After the completion of the second tire of the Atilio García, Abdón Porte and Héctor Scarone stands, the current work involves the construction of a corner structure joining the Atilio García and Porte stands. Future additions include a third tire on the three aforementioned stands.
The stadium has four main stands: Tribuna José María Delgado (North), Tribuna Atilio García (South), Tribuna Abdón Porte (West), Tribuna Héctor Scarone (East), named after famous Nacional players (like Atilio García, Abdón Porte and Héctor Scarone) and a chairman of the club (José María Delgado).
In the end, Atilio leaves, feeling betrayed after finding out the truth about his and Helena's baby. Laura, who gets pregnant by Marcelo, goes on a helicopter flight with Nando, and the two suffer an accident. Only Nando is found alive, and Marcelo and Eduarda reconcile, deciding to raise Laura's twins. Atilio ultimately comes back and gets back together with Helena. The last scene shows Marcelinho walking his first steps from Eduarda and Marcelo to Helena and Atilio, in the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden.
Bairoletto, la aventura de un rebelde is a 1985 Argentine historical drama about Juan Bautista Bairoletto directed and written by Atilio Polverini and Sebastián Larreta.
Alfredo Tulli, Antonio Tozzi, Atilio Fruet, Alberto Desimone, Gregorio Moreno, Gustavo Chazarreta, Arturo Cacciamani, Hugo Oliva, Samuel Oliva, Carlos Lutringer, Zoilo Domínguez, Víctor LeBihan (Coach: Alberto Andrizzi)
Juan Atilio Bramuglia (January 1, 1903 — September 4, 1962) was an Argentine labor lawyer who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the administration of President Juan Perón.
Leandro Atilio Romagnoli (born 17 March 1981) is an Argentine professional footballer who plays for San Lorenzo de Almagro mainly as an attacking midfielder.
Martha Zavaleta, Alfonso Meza, Héctor Flores, Lucía Méndez, Susana Dosamantes, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Daniela Rosen, Atilio Marinelli, Héctor Gomez, Javier Ruan, Magda Guzmán and Hortensia Santoveña.