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keigo              kuranosuke              miyasako              yousuke              shuichiro              kohinata              sosuke              yuushi              mukahi              gakuto              nakamaru              kentarou              ryunosuke              chiharu              momoka              takehito              hisayoshi              tomochika              kinya              asako              misako              katou              machiko              mitsugu              youhei              yuta              kento              tasuku              mitsuhiko              mayuko              miyoko              yasuaki              kamakari              kyoichi              kujirai              kikumaru              ayami              yusaku              yuuya              mikako              katsuo              kintaro              otowa              rieko              tomonori              konomi              hidetaka              katsunori              eisuke              kuniko             

Examples of "atobe"
Atobe was appointed to the post of wakadoshiyori in 1868, and died roughly a year later.
Atobe has released more character CDs than any other character in the series besides Ryoma, including two full-length albums. One of his singles reached top nine in the weekly charts, the best result for any "Prince of Tennis" character. Figures of Atobe have also been released.
Atobe Keigo then arrives at the scene by helicopter to rescue the Seigaku regulars and witnesses Sakurafubuki being arrested. In an earlier phone conversation he had with Oshitari Yuushi, who also appeared along Gakuto Mukahi, the two conversed about how Seigaku had been invited aboard a free cruise. Atobe remarked how he knew all luxury cruise line owners, but never heard of Sakurafubuki, and thus suspected that Seigaku had been caught up in a scam.
Aoki initially started out as a model but developed an interest in becoming an actor. He made his acting debut as Keigo Atobe in the 2nd season of the stage adaptation of the popular anime series The Prince Of Tennis.
Special notes: Debut of Hashimoto Taito as fifth cast’s Shusuke Fuji. The shows between December 13 – January 25 were performed by Seigaku 4th, Shitenhouji A, Yuki Kubota as Hyoutei’s Keigo Atobe and Shintaro Akiyama as Hyoutei's Yuushi Oshitari + another Hyoutei member and Akutsu (A) or Tachibana (A). The shows between February 6 and March 31 were performed by Seigaku 5th, Shitenhouji B, Yuki Kubota as Hyoutei’s Keigo Atobe, Ryouta Murai as Hyoutei’s Shishido Ryoh + another Hyoutei member and Akutsu (B) or Tachibana (B).
In the Prince of Tennis anime series, Atobe Keigo and Sanada Genichirou attended a performance of this song. They used it later to set the beat for their Doubles match. In the fandom these characters are known as the "Tango Pair".
The 1986 J-pop song "Valentine Kiss" by Sayuri Kokushō was covered multiple times by multiple characters in the series. From February 2004 through February 2010, a total of nine different versions of the song were released (seven individually, and the final two together). The first one, featuring the character Keigo Atobe (voiced by Junichi Suwabe) reached No. 14 on the Oricon charts.
The 1986 J-pop song "Valentine Kiss" by Sayuri Kokushō was covered multiple times by multiple characters in the series. From February 2004 through February 2010, a total of nine different versions were released (seven individually, and the final two together). The first one, featuring the character Keigo Atobe (voiced by Junichi Suwabe) reached #14 on the Oricon charts.
Former captain of Hyotei's tennis team, bears the No. 9 badge on the first string. Though he and Atobe have never met, Atobe credits him as the one who brought Hyotei to the national level. Of all the taciturn characters in the series, Ochi is perhaps the most stoic and unsentimental. He rarely speaks, and when prompted, usually says something along the lines of "I don't care" or "not interested". On the court, he has perhaps the fastest serve of all the Japanese players known as the Mach. Owning to his ideal height and reach, Ochi can perform high speed serves to the corners that are difficult to see, let alone return. He is also known as the Mental Assassin, as eye contact with him (one eye is usually hidden by his hair) at close range can greatly increase the stress a player feels, which translates into making his opponents commit many unforced errors. Despite losing the No. 9 badge to Atobe, he remains part of the U-17 team for the world tournament.
Several other Japanese artists also released their versions including Kobayashi Ayako (小林彩子) on 21 November 1990; J-pop female band Mi-Ke in November 1991, the KinKi Kids (キンキキッズ,) in 1993, and MaKi. The Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様) manga character Keigo Atobe (跡部 景吾), who is voiced by Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一), has also released a version in October 2008.
Masahiro Inoue, who portrayed Keigo Atobe in the "Prince of Tennis" musicals, was cast in the lead role for "Decade" as Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade. Also involved was Kanna Mori as Natsumi Hikari, and Renji Ishibashi as Natsumi's grandfather Eijiro Hikari. Another member of the cast was Tatsuhito Okuda as the mysterious Narutaki. The world of "Kamen Rider Kuuga", as well as most of the other Rider Worlds, sport several characters that have been renamed and cast with different actors. Ryouta Murai was cast as Yusuke Onodera who is the series' version of Kuuga. Rounding up the cast was Kimito Totani who portrayed the thief Daiki Kaito/Kamen Rider Diend.
The song was covered as an ending theme song for the May 27, 2007 episode of the anime series "Lucky Star", sung by the characters Tsukasa (Kaori Fukuhara) and Konata (Aya Hirano). It was also covered multiple times by multiple characters in the anime series "The Prince of Tennis". From February 2004 through January 2013, a total of 13 different versions were released (seven individually, two together, another two together, and the final two alone). The first one, featuring the character Keigo Atobe (voiced by Junichi Suwabe) reached number 14 on the Oricon charts.
Also, no matter the situation, he is shown to be rather inexpressive, never changing his stoic expression. However, when he re-injures his arm during his match against Keigo Atobe, he is shown to writhe in pain. This becomes a traumatic memory which makes him unable to lift his arm over his shoulders, fearing the thought of feeling that pain again. He learns to overcome this during his medical retreat in Kyūshū. Due to his experiences, he dislikes those who use tennis to harm others.
Atobe seems to gain the early lead, but Tezuka comes back with his Tezuka Zone and Drop Shot. Tezuka gets to match point, but as he tries to serve, his arm gives out. Tezuka continues to play as Echizen takes off his jacket, revealing his Seigaku uniform, and goes to practice. Tezuka loses in the tiebreak, 6-7. Because both teams have two wins, their reserve players will determine the winner. Echizen faces off against Egate, and wins the first game using his teammates' moves. However, as an eclipse passes over the court, Egate uses his brutal tennis form and injures Echizen's leg. Remembering his vow to become stronger, Echizen surprises everyone by using the COOL Drive attack to come back, break the eclipse, and won. Shioin finally cheers. Tezuka rewards Echizen with his Seigaku jacket he kept for him.
In April 2006, an original video animation (OVA) continuation of the anime began to be released over a span of seven DVDs. The beginning of the second OVA series was released on June 22, 2007, roughly 3 months after the end of the first. The second OVA finished on January 25, 2008, containing six episodes over a span of three DVDs. The third OVA started on April 25, 2008, and finished on January 23, 2009. A fourth OVA titled "Another Story" was released on May 26, 2009, which included two episodes: "Fū'un Shōnen Atobe" which showed Hyotei's current team's freshman years, and "Naniwa no Ōjisama", where Seigaku goes to Osaka for a practice match with Shitenhoji. The second DVD in "Another Story" was released on September 25, 2009.
is a team that uses a strict stratification and merit system, which prioritizes ability over emotion. If any regular loses a match, they are removed from their spot and only given a second chance in very rare conditions. With Keigo Atobe as their leader, the one who revolutionized the merit system on the team. Hyoutei's tennis club is composed of over two hundred members, far larger than any other tennis club in the series, which is likely the reason why they use a strict merit system for their regulars in the first place. Widely considered as the main contenders to Rikkai Dai, they instead suffered setbacks in the early tournaments, losing to Fudomine in the quarterfinals of the Prefectural Tournament, and then losing to Seigaku in the first round of the Kanto tournament, leaving them ineligible for the National tournament. They are all depressed until they receive a special invite due to the host city, Tokyo, getting to invite one extra team. According to Takeshi Konomi, Hyoutei's popularity was much higher than he expected, and it was for that reason that he chose to bring them back into the story. The Hyoutei team is one of the most popular teams in the entire series. In the official school popularity poll, they came in second losing only to Seigaku.
As the captain of Seishun Academy's tennis club, Tezuka is the one to give Ryoma a chance to become a regular on the team. Despite being known as Seigaku's "strongest man", he initially remains on the sidelines during tournaments as another teammate sometimes play his position or their opponent is defeated too early. Though he secretly challenges and defeats Ryoma in an unofficial match, his true skills are first shown during a match against Sadaharu Inui. During the Kanto tournament first-round match against Hyotei's captain, Keigo Atobe, the pain from an old arm injury returns, and though he refuses to give up, the game ends with Atobe's win. In order to receive medical treatment for his injuries, Tezuka goes to Kyūshū (he goes to Germany in the anime). He returns right before the National Tournament, where he unseals a technique that he used to use before his injury to defeat Higa Junior High's captain, Eishiro Kite, in the first match, and then goes on to defeat Hyotei Academy's Munehiro Kabaji in his next match. In the semi-finals, Tezuka plays one-on-one against Shitenhoji's Senri Chitose despite it being a doubles match, and after unveiling two new techniques, Tezuka emerges victorious.
The staff officer of the German U-17 representatives. Q.P stands for "quality of perfection" and is just a nickname for this player, with his real name and birthplace unknown (at least to Japan's intel team). Despite not being a pro, he is extremely strong and is just as recognizable to the tennis community as Volk is. Inui and Renji describe him as snide and arrogant, albeit very passively. He views the likes of Atobe and Irie to be only a tenth of his skill level, and soundly beats them at the exhibition matches with little to no effort. Little of his skill set is seen, but it can be presumed that his play style is very similar to Irie's. He regularly gathers intel on rival teams and other teams of interest in order to make sure the German team is fully prepared to win their 10th consecutive world cup, and actually marked Japan as a country of interest right behind the USA this year despite the country's historically low ranking.
At the Kanto Tournament, Momo still has decided not to come. Oishi and Eiji play Doubles 2. They begin a losing streak until Momo reveals himself in the cheering crowd for Seigaku. With new confidence from their returning teammate, the Golden Pair make a comeback, but lose to Hyotei 5-7. In the crowd, Kaidoh finds Echizen, who decided to stay. Kaidoh and Inui begin their Doubles 1 match. Kaidoh continually takes all the shots and uses his Boomerang Snake, while Inui stands and watches. Finally, he tells Kaidoh he has their opponents' data and they win the match 7-5. Kawamura plays Singles 3 and tries his Hadokyuu, but his big opponent copies the move. They both keep using Hadokyuu until Kawamura does the unthinkable: the dangerous one-handed Hadokyuu. His opponent copies, and both keep hitting until both of them drop their racquets, their hands and racquet handles covered in blood. The match is considered a No Game. Fuji, playing Singles 2, borrows Kawamura's racquet, and amazes his opponent with his Disappearing Serve and his Hakugei Triple Counter; he wins 6-0. Tezuka plays Singles 1 against the popular Atobe; Echizen comes and takes his place as bench coach, and, despite some of the other Seigaku players, Tezuka allows him to rejoin the team.
In publications focused on manga and anime reviews, Tezuka's character has received mixed reviews. First off, one of his techniques is negatively reviewed, with John Sinnott of DVDTalk seeing it as one of the reasons why the story is "idiotic". Also, Chris Beveridge and Jarred Pine, reviewers from an entertainment website called Mania, both see him as unoriginal, with Chris describing him as one of the series' archetypes, more precisely as the "serious prodigy...who will change the face of tennis," and Jarred calling him a "cookie-cutter character". However, Chris also comments that since Tezuka takes his duties seriously, he is a good captain and is able to motivate the main character, Ryoma, in the right direction. Holly Ellingwood of ActiveAnime, an anime news and reviews site, praises his personality, citing that his willingness to sacrifice his arm for his team in the manga's seventeenth volume is a "noble action and higher deed", and is one of the reasons why this manga is at the top of its genre. In another review of volume 17, one of Mangalife's reviewers, Michael Aronson, has a more negative comment, stating that he "comes off looking more passive and stiff in contrast [to Keigo Atobe]," and despite his revealed backstory, he is held back from being a likable protagonist because he remains a mystery to readers.