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haseo              kirie              hotsuma              koyomi              ayakashi              kiriya              shijima              akiha              suzune              hitsugaya              kurotsuchi              kotoha              yuniko              ryouta              nariko              sangakki              hisoka              mudkip              cisqua              asagi              nakoruru              dokuro              kuroe              shizune              jedah              kotori              souji              homura              moegi              genjuro              suika              mahiro              tsukishiro              hyuuga              tokisada              otonashi              youko              konoha              tennouji              haohmaru              yukishiro              tsunade              retsu              yumeria              orihime              hiyori              mahoro              oboro              atori              sesshomaru             

Examples of "atoli"
The CGI film adaptation of the games, ".hack//G.U. Trilogy", shows Haseo healing the AIDA-infected Atoli by combining their PCs. When Ovan leaves Atoli and all of G.U. members in coma, Haseo is consumed by rage and attacks Ovan in the new B-st Form. With help from Atoli's PC, Haseo gains the stronger Xth Form, which he uses to defeat Ovan and save him from dying as he uses his last forces to wake up the comatose players.
Atoli, Awada, Barol, Chabrana, Chainpura, Chandsen, Chanvanndia, Desma, Devel, Dholi, Diggi, Dungri Kala, Ganwer, Hathgi, Indoli, Jhadali, Kacholia, Kadila, Kalmanda, Kantoli, Kirawal, Kurad, Lambaharising, Lawa, Malikpur, Morala, Nagar, Pachewar, Parli, Rajpura, Rendiliya, Sindoliya, Sitarampura
With Atoli's Epitaph returning, she also recovers. However, her superior from the guild Moon Tree, Sakaki, causes Atoli to slide into a depressed fugue, and be used again by AIDA. Sakaki attacks his own guild, Moon Tree, in order to drive Atoli to the point where she will utilize her Avatar to actively support the AIDA infestation in order to control the real world through the Net, using AIDA as a cat's paw. Haseo liberates Atoli, removing her infection, and driving off Sakaki. Tracking Sakaki, Haseo defeats him after he purposely infects himself with AIDA in a last-ditch effort to gain control of the network. Following this, Ovan appears and reveals that he is Tri-Edge, infected in his left arm with AIDA. The enemy that Haseo believed was Tri-Edge was actually Azure Kite, one of three AIs that Aura had created to destroy the AIDAs.
During this time he is repeatedly contacted by Atoli, a gentle healer that tries to convince Haseo to enjoy the game and its world more, though Haseo is annoyed by her resemblance to Shino. Haseo also watches an arena match between Endrance, Arena Emperor, and a challenger, and is startled to see Endrance, a player he saw with AIDA, use an Avatar. Determined to learn more, he joins the arena and eventually defeats Endrance. After winning, Atoli, on advice from Ovan, finds a Tri-Edge sign, a red carving, and transports to a region outside the normal game parameters, determined to get Haseo to see her as valuable. Realizing she is in great danger, Haseo, Pi, and Kuhn locate her struggling to open a locker. After distracting her, Tri-Edge appears, and is defeated by Haseo. After doing so, an AIDA attacks Atoli's character.
With Cubia destroyed, all the remaining comatose players awake with Haseo meeting Shino once again. Upon meeting her, Shino motivates Haseo to be more honest with his feelings which causes him to pursue Atoli who believed that Haseo would stay with Shino. A new ending is unlocked by passing the Forest of Pain sidequest in which Haseo is conceded the wish of having another conversation with Ovan; he later states Ovan will return.
In an early 2009 issue of Famitsu and Dengeki magazine, a ".hack//Link" game was announced. The game was developed for the PlayStation Portable, and features 100 characters from all ".hack" media, though only 30 characters are able to join the player's party. A party consists of only 2 members (including the player, who always controls Tokio), unlike the previous games which allowed a party of 3. Though the game features characters from the "Link" manga, the game's story is completely different from the manga's plot. The game features manga-style cutscenes. Confirmed characters include Kite, Black Rose, Haseo, Albireo, Atoli, Mimiru, Midori, Tsukasa, Subaru, Silver Knight, Azure Kite, Balmung, Alkaid, Tabby, Elk, and Ovan. On January 23 of 2010, new screenshots (4gamer website) and a trailer were released. Studio 4°C produced the opening animation video for the game.
The main playable character of ".hack//G.U." is Haseo, a player of "The World" whose friend Shino fell into a coma after being attacked by a PK named "Tri-Edge" within the game. As a result, Haseo becomes obsessed with becoming strong enough to defeat Tri-Edge and save Shino—he earns the nickname "Terror of Death" for his relentless hunting of PKs. As an Epitaph PC, Haseo is recruited into the new incarnation of Project G.U., which now handles debugging of "The World". Yata, who played a key role in the events of ".hack" under the name Wiseman, leads Project G.U., while other Epitaph PCs including Kuhn and Pi comprise the rest of the group. Haseo's hostile nature attracts the attention of Atoli, a member of the peace-loving Moon Tree guild, who resolves to befriend him. Haseo is also searching for Ovan, Haseo's and Shino's former guildmaster who disappeared during ".hack//Roots" under mysterious circumstances.
In "Reminisce", Haseo and the G.U. staff find themselves trapped inside the game, physically unable to leave or log out, or remove their hardware. Atoli recovers, but is rendered mute, able to communicate only through instant messages. Yata explains that AIDA has copied The World's server, trapping everyone inside to experiment on them. After cracking into the administrative control area, they transfer everyone back to CC Corp's servers. Shortly afterwards, Haseo is approached by Alkaid, concerned for Sirius, a player infected with AIDA. They enter into a tournament to fight Sirius, but Alkaid is ambushed by the AIDA-infected player Bordeaux, who leaves her in a coma. After learning that Sakubo is another Epitaph user, Haseo requests Endrance's assistance for the rest of the tournament. They defeat Sirius and purge him of his AIDA infection that contained Atoli's Epitaph.
On 12 March 2010 Bellew challenged for the vacant Commonwealth title at light heavyweight beating Atoli Moore at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. He made his first defence of the title on 24 September 2010 winning a hard fought victory against Bob Ajisafe at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London's Mayfair with Bellew having to recover from a flash knockdown during the fight. He made his second defence of the title on 9 December 2010, returning to the Echo Arena to stop former Commonwealth champion Ovill McKenzie in the 8th round despite suffering two knockdowns himself in the fight in both the 1st and 2nd rounds. On 18 May 2011 it was announced that Bellew would challenge Nathan Cleverly for the WBO light heavyweight title following a pullout from Cleverly's scheduled opponent Jürgen Brähmer with the fight due to be held only three days later on 21 May 2011. Bellew however, failed to make the weight and was replaced with Polish boxer Aleksy Kuziemski. On 16 July 2011 Bellew made the third defence of his Commonwealth title and also won the vacant British belt with a repeat victory over Ovill McKenzie, with the bout this time lasting the full 12 rounds.
Haseo is introduced in the ".hack//G.U." games as a famous player from "The World" who several player killers and is known as . He is in a search for the legendary player killer Tri-Edge, who left his friend Shino in a coma in real life after killing her character. He is guided by his former comrade, Ovan, to fight the AI Azure Kite under the assumption he is Tri-Edge, though he is completely reset after being defeated. As he recovers, Haseo is mistaken for a new player by Gaspard and Silabus, who ask him to become their guildmaster. Haseo also agrees to join the guild G.U. led by Yata, a System Administrator in "The World R:2", to discover the reason behind a sudden increase in AIDA activity and Tri-Edge using it to leave players in coma. Haseo gains an "Avatar", Skeith, The Terror of Death, hidden within his PC, that has the ability to destroy AIDA. Although initially cold and antisocial, Haseo comes to appreciate the friendships he makes across the trilogy. He also starts developing feelings for Atoli, a fellow player who encourages him to appreciate his time in The World, but is not until late part of the trilogy that Haseo understands his feelings.
Haseo's character received a mixed reception, with opinions differing in the different types of media he appears in. He has been popular within the ".hack//G.U." games, ranking as the most popular character and then as the most popular one from the CGI film. In another poll made in conmemoration of the ".hack" franchise's 10th anniversary Haseo was voted as its most popular character. IGN compared his character with multiple anime heroes, but stated that his sword awe-inspiring distinguished him from others, giving him a darker tone. Patrick Gann from RPGFan referred to Haseo as a "jerk" due to his personality and thus noted how much of the plot from "Rebirth" revolves around him starting to behave better. Despite calling him a "ruthless fighter", Carlo Santos from Anime News Network commented that Haseo's wish to save Shino makes him an appealing character. Moreover, RPGamer writer Adriaan den Ouden commented that in "Reminisce", Haseo's character development is "phenomenal", citing his interactions with Atoli and Alkaid that help him to "take his first steps away" from his dark past.