Synonyms for atomarius or Related words with atomarius

annulicornis              denticollis              parasyrphus              cingalensis              biguttatus              dohrni              annulipes              lameere              flavipennis              canthophorus              diversipes              gracilicornis              clavicornis              besucheti              bituberculata              caricis              triangulifera              alluaudi              bispina              coomani              desertus              lipophrys              biseriata              ceylanicus              coxalis              distorta              incrassatus              bellula              anotylus              silpha              praeusta              angulicollis              triguttatus              birmanicus              albomaculatus              recluz              brincki              aterrima              exiguum              bisignatus              kardakoff              coarctatus              kiesenwetter              laeviceps              angulosus              chopardi              bipartitus              dufourea              inconspicuus              improvisa             

Examples of "atomarius"
Pinalitus atomarius is a true bug. The species is found in the Palearctic.It feeds on "Picea abies".
Adetus atomarius is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Belon in 1902.
Microdessus atomarius is a species of beetle in the family Dytiscidae, the only species in the genus Microdessus.
Grammoechus atomarius is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Pascoe in 1866.
Due to the Salinas Valley barrier, there is no genetic exchangeability between "Aptostichus angelinajolieae" and other "Aptostichus" species. This and the species' exclusivity as a lineage in DNA studies makes it a cohesion species. "A. angelinajolieae" belongs to the "Atomarius" Sibling Species Complex along with the closely related species "A. atomarius", "A. dantrippi", "A. miwok", "A. stanfordianus" and "A. stephencolberti".
Enaphalodes atomarius is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Drury in 1773 from New York City.
In North America the disease is transmitted from infected to healthy trees by the whitebanded elm leafhopper ("Scaphoideus luteolus" ), the meadow spittlebug ("Philaenus spurarius") and by another leafhopper ("Allygus atomarius"), although other insects are also suspected of being vectors. Transportation of nursery trees is another way for elm yellows to be spread over long distances. As leafhoppers move very slowly so movement of elm yellows has been slow.
It is difficult to identify an individual as being an "A. angelinajolieae" specimen due to the species' morphological similarity to "A. atomarius" and "A. stanfordianus". A set of unique mitochondrial DNA nucleotide substitutions sets the species apart and allows a diagnosis. "A. angelinajoliaea" inhabits the north of Monterey County, California, restricted to the Santa Lucia Range west of the Salinas Valley, which probably serves as a dispersal barrier. Its ecoregion consists of chaparral forest and shrub. It is not found in the coastal dunes, which are the habitat of the geographically proximate but lighter colored "A. stephencolberti". Female specimens are normally seen on road cuts and humid, shaded steep banks. The species creates shallow burrows with a thin silk-soil trapdoor and white silken lined retreat.