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- "La Descente au paradis". Paris: Mercure de France, 1995.
Une rose au paradis is a science-fiction novel written by René Barjavel, and first published in 1981.
Noteworthy film scores include: "Les Gueux au paradis" (1946), "Crèvecoeur" (1955), "Niok l'éléphant" (1957), "Marchands de rien" (1958), "Le Tombeur" (1958), and "Julie Charles" (for television, 1974).
Fontaine de la Descent au Paradis, Hospital Saint-Louis, Reception hall, avenue Claude Villefaux, 1983, Daniel Badani and Pierre Roux-Dorlut, architect, Michele Blandel, sculptor.
Guy Bedos (born 15 June 1934, in Algiers, French Algeria) is an actor (mostly known for his part in the film "Nous irons tous au paradis") and a famous stand-up comedian.
In 2010, she directed her husband in "Face au paradis" ("In Front of Paradise"), a contemporary play, written by a young French playwright, "Nathalie Saugeon". The production opened at Théâtre Marigny on the Champs-Élysées on 26 January 2010.
Return to Paradise (French: Retour au paradis) is a 1935 French film directed by Serge de Poligny and starring Claude Dauphin, Mary Morgan and Marcel André. The film's sets were designed by Pierre Schild.
Best’s third novel, "Il n’y a pas d’hommes au paradis", follows the life of Josèphe, focusing on her relationship with her intolerant mother and with her estranged girlfriend Rachel.
He would return to score further Emmanuelle films, such as "Emmanuelle V" and "Emmanuelle 7". He also did the score for "Story of O", another huge success for him and the French film "Un crime au paradis".
As a documentary filmmaker, Meddeb has co-directed "De Casa au Paradis", a documentary about a group of Moroccan suicide bombers, and helmed "Electro Chaabi" which covers the emergence of a new electronic genre in Cairo. She is also directed "Tunisia Clash", a film about young rappers fighting for freedom of speech in Tunisia.
On 13 July Repetition, Marine, Eric Random, Richard Jobson & The Swamp Children performed during a Crepuscule Night at Heaven in London. The event was covered in NME and a cassette souvernir Rendez-Vous Au Paradis was announced but did not appear.
He co-directed the film musical "Kowalski" with David Bersanetti. Other music projects he was involved in include "Alice", "Quartett" and "Face au paradis" in addition to preparing sound effects of a number of films like "Walking 2 Hawaï" (2003), "Récamier (2006), "Shadow Words (2008) and others.
Following his retirement from football in 1997, he took up a career in cinema and had a role in the 1998 film "Elizabeth", starring Cate Blanchett, the 2008 film "French Film", and the 2009 film "Looking for Eric". In 2010, he débuted as a stage actor in "Face au Paradis", a French play directed by his wife, Rachida Brakni.
The program took "Au paradis, leur vie va basculer" meaning in paradise their lives would be tipped over, as their activities included a great number of voluntary and benevolent acts in what is specified in season 1 as Moorea island in French Polynesia. In later seasons, a more general Tahiti is used.
Born as Rosa Coscolin Figueras in Vilafranca del Penedès, Catalonia, she achieved a degree of fame and success in the 1950s and 1960s, with songs such as "Amour, castagnettes et tango" (1955), "Etranger au paradis" (1956, a French version of "Stranger in paradise" by Tony Bennett), "Buenas noches mi amor" (1957) and "Bon voyage" (1958).
Coe has recorded on soundtracks for several films, including "Superman II", "Victor/Victoria", "Nous irons tous au paradis", "Leaving Las Vegas", "Le Plus beau métier du monde" and "The Loss of Sexual Innocence". He also composed the film score for "Camomille".
Jacques's characters confront hostility, humiliation, conflicted ideologies, political instability, and cultural alienation. The novels explore the conditions under which Jews lived in Egypt in the years and days before their peremptory expulsion; the most developed cases are "Lumière de l'oeil", "L'Héritage de la tante Carlotta", "Les Femmes avec leur amour", and the tragic "La Descente au paradis". In her novels, Jacques describes the suffering and humiliation experienced by both Jews and Muslims and shows both perspectives.
In November 2005, Robert recorded her fourth album, "Six pieds sous terre", featuring more acoustic instrumentation (harpsichord, clarinet, harp, violins, flute) and more dramatic, fairy-like atmosphere than her previous works. The album included eleven songs written by Robert, as well as a cover of Marie Laforêt's "Prière pour aller au paradis", and a duet ("Histoire du loup") with actor Sacha Bourdo. French film director Gabriel Aghion directed his first ever music video for the album's first single, "Personne".
In April 2007, French record label XIII Bis Records released "Halfway, Pleased" in France. Its 14 tracks included the original version of "Who You Are" (which was recorded by Tears for Fears on "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending"); a live version of "Snow Hill" from the 2005 Tears for Fears UK tour; the single version of "Seven of Sundays" (also recorded as a duet with French singer SO); and a cover of "On Ira Tous au Paradis" (also available on "A Tribute to Polnareff"). Two music videos were made for "Seven of Sundays" – one as a solo track, and one as the duet with SO.
""With nearly forty year career studded with elegant and refined compositions, Alain Chamfort is the undisputed leader of the French pop generation. He plotted, accompanied mainly by Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Duvall of the words, the contours of a singular and timeless: Rendez-Vous au Paradis, Malaise en Malaisie, Manureva, L'ennemi dans la Glace, Bamboú, Traces de Toi, Mouse since it is serious, Clara veut la Lune, Palais Royal, and Les Beaux Yeux de Laure. A work in which seduction, compared to women, have always been paramount.""