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Examples of "auclair"
In the 2007 election, Gaudreau attempted to win the seat back from Auclair. He finished second with 31% of the vote. Auclair won with 36% of the vote.
In 1937, Auclair and founded the fashion magazine "Marie Claire".
Mathieu Auclair was named the New Democratic Party's candidate.
The studio's next film, "Degenerates" featured the skiing of JP Auclair, J.F. Cusson and Mike Douglas. Auclair appeared in ten of the company's films before his death in an avalanche in 2014.
Auclair was born Vladimir Vujović to a Serbian father and a French mother in Koblenz. His father was Vojislav Vujović, prominent Yugoslav Communist and secretary of the Communist Youth International. Auclair moved to Paris when he was three years old.
In 1953, Auclair published a French-language children's book about the life of Jesus.
Auclair is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Josée Auclair (born May 20, 1962 in Sherbrooke, Quebec) is a Canadian explorer.
Michèle Auclair (Paris, 16 November 1924 – Paris, 10 June 2005) was a French violinist and teacher.
The winners in the inaugural contest (1943) were Samson François (piano) and Michèle Auclair (violin).
In the 2003 election, Gaudreau finished third with 19% of the vote. Auclair won, with 46% of the vote.
The Auclair–Button Farmstead and Cartin–Snyder–Overacker Farmstead were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.
After a trial that lasted 83 days, Auclair J of the Superior Court of Quebec held that:
In 1926 he married Marcelle Auclair with whom he had three children (Michel, Françoise and Alain). They divorced in 1939.
Marcelle Auclair was born 11 November 1899 in Montluçon, central France, and died in Paris on 6 June 1984.
Claude Auclair (1 May 1943 – 20 January 1990) was a French cartoonist. He is best known for "Simon du Fleuve".
At age 78, five years before her death, Auclair published an autobiographical work with her daughter, actress Françoise Prévost.
LaBerge, D., Auclair, L., and Sieroff, E. (2000). Preparatory attention: experiment and theory. Consciousness & Cognition, 9, 396-434.
In the 1950s, Auclair published two popular books on how to lead a happy life, "Le bonheur est en vous" (1951) and "La Pratique du bonheur" (1956).
Fransson died alongside JP Auclair in an avalanche on 29 September 2014 on Monte San Lorenzo in Aysen, Chile while filming for the webisode series "Apogee Skiing".