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Examples of "audiokinetic"
Recent titles which have used Audiokinetic include:"
In February 2013, Audiokinetic opened a Japanese office in Tokyo.
In November 2007, Audiokinetic joined the Emergent Game Technologies Premier Partners Program. As part of this exclusive agreement, Audiokinetic became Emergent's only audio premier partner, and Wwise was integrated with Gamebryo, Emergent's game development framework.
In 2003, Audiokinetic was granted funding by the Alliance numériQC, the Quebec digital industry network.
In January 2015, Audiokinetic and CRAS announced the creation of an Online Certification Program for Wwise.
Used in PS4 and PS Vita consoles. Audio middleware such as FMOD and Audiokinetic Wwise supports it.
Audiokinetic Inc. is a Canadian software company based in Montreal, Quebec that develops audio software for the video game industry.
In February 2011, Sony announced that the PlayStation Vita will be the first portable device to support Audiokinetic.
The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 as its underlying engine technology, and Audiokinetic Wwise for audio.
Audiokinetic was founded in 2000 by Martin H. Klein, a veteran of the music, film, and gaming industries.
In March 2015, Audiokinetic and Steinberg announced a partnership to integrate Wwise with a new DAW, Nuendo 7.
In November 2008, Audiokinetic released SoundSeed, a family of sound generators for game audio that uses digital sound processing (DSP) technology.
In 2006, Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) signed a long-term licensing agreement with Audiokinetic. The first game to use Audiokinetic's software is FASA Interactive's Shadowrun.
Audiokinetic partners with other audio developers to bring their audio technology to the gaming industry. Partnership add-ons for Wwise include:
George Rhoads (born January 27, 1926) is a contemporary American painter, sculptor, and origami master. He is best known for his whimsical audiokinetic sculptures in airports, science museums, shopping malls, children’s hospitals, and other public places throughout the world.
Umbra by Umbra Software Ltd.; Wwise (WaveWorks Interactive Sound Engine) by Audiokinetic Inc; SpeedTree by Interactive Data Visualization, Inc.; Simplygon by Donya Labs AB; PhysX by Nvidia Corporation; DirectX by Microsoft and other.
iZotope has developed plugins for use directly in Audiokinetic WWise for audio enhancement, voice effects occlusion and room modeling. In addition, iZotope has developed sound design tools and special effects for sound designers using the FMOD middleware engine. For middleware engines supporting XAudio and Multistream formats, iZotope has a collection of licensable DSP for use in music related games or karaoke.
In 2011 a partnership was struck with the Belgian display hardware manufacturer Barco to incorporate Auro-3D in their cinema hardware setup, and in the same year the first worldwide installations of the cinema format Auro 11.1 were deployed. Auro Technologies also made alliances with partners in other markets, such as home AV (with Datasat) and gaming (with AudioKinetic).
Past projects include original composition work for MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel, The Gap / Old Navy, Paramount Pictures, Alliance Atlantis (various films / trailers), Showcase, Audiokinetic, Odeon Films, Ubisoft, NASA, the Canadian Space Agency, "FUBAR" (as supervising sound-designer), and various commercials and independent films.
Rhoads continued to develop his audio-kinetic sculptures and his work gained national prominence after being featured on The David Frost Show and the Today show. In the early 1970s, shopping mall magnate David Bermant commissioned Rhoads to build audiokinetic sculptures for his shopping centers in Rochester, NY, and Hamden, CT, and for years afterward continued to promote and sell Rhoads’ work.