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Examples of "augustina"
1976 – "Augustina" “Eight Women” Robert Thomas
Handel: "Imeneo " - Capella Augustina, Cologne Vocal Ensemble
The elder Fleming left the plantation to his son Lewis. Lewis married Augustina Cortes, descendant of Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes. Augustina died during childbirth in 1832 leaving Lewis alone to raise their three children.
On 13 May "Jalouse" captured "Vrouw Etje", "De Haan", "Augustina", and "De Brock".
Salamis augustina is a butterfly in the Nymphalidae family. It is found on Mauritius and Réunion.
Augustina Ebhomien Sunday (born 23 August 1996) is a Nigerian female badminton player.
Enriqueta Augustina Rylands (31 May 1843 – 4 February 1908) was the founder of the John Rylands Library, Manchester.
Villa Augustina School was a private, pre-kindergarten through grade 8 Catholic school located in Goffstown, New Hampshire, United States, serving the town of Goffstown and the surrounding communities. In September 2009 the school had a total enrollment of 176 students. Villa Augustina School closed as of June 30, 2014.
In 1918, his fourth child, a girl Augustina is born. World War I ends, but the Spanish flu endemic kills both his wife Iuliana, and his daughter Augustina. He is left only with his son, Tit, who at the time is
Augustina Stridsberg, formerly Augustina Jirku (1892–1978), was an American citizen, and the mother of Margietta Voge (née Jirku). Both mother and daughter worked for Soviet intelligence between 1943 and 1944. Stridsberg worked for the KGB San Francisco office. Her code name with Soviet intelligence, as deciphered by the Venona project, was "Klara".
Manchester's first multi-millionaire John Rylands and his wife Enriqueta Augustina Rylands lived at Longford Hall in Stretford in the later parts of their lives.
Voge was married to Noel Voge and was the daughter of Augustina Stridsberg, who worked for Soviet intelligence during World War II, and Voge worked for the KGB San Francisco office according to the Venona project reports.
In 1999, she received a PhD from University of Zagreb in philology; her dissertation was titled "Augustina-Tina Ujevića prijevodi iz anglo-američke književnosti: komparativno/kontrastivna lingvo-stilistička analiza".
Neva Augustina Edwards (born 1931) is an educator, lay preacher and former civil servant in Dominica. She served as Speaker of the House of Assembly of Dominica from 1993 to 1995.
Papa Owusu-Ankomah has been married to Mrs. Augustina Owusu-Ankomah, who hails from the Central Region, for 33 years. The couple have three children(all lawyers): Nania, Papa Yaw and Kwesi Papa. He has 4 grandchildren.
Ona Galdikaitė also known as Sesuo Marija Augustinos (Sister Mary Augustina) (1898-1990) was a Lithuanian poet, nun and dissident. She was the founder of the Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus Franciscan Congregation.
Nigerian Augustina Nwaokolo won the first gold medal of the Games, setting a new Games record of 175 kg after lifting 77 kg in the snatch and 98 kg in the clean and jerk.
Completed in 1995 in collaboration with his later wife Augustina von Nagel, a suite of 35 prints entitled "Aachener Strasse" combine street photography with images from Polke's paintings, developed using techniques of multiple exposures and multiple negatives.
Justine Constance van Mansvelt was born in Schoonhoven as the second child of Rinse van Mansvelt, who retired with the rank of artillery major, and Augustina Maria Wilhelmina Slingeland. Their first child, Justine’s brother George Louis, died very young.
Nanci María Augustina Parrilli (born 7 September 1953, San Martín de los Andes) is an Argentine Justicialist Party politician. She sits in the Argentine Senate representing Neuquén Province in the majority block of the Front for Victory.