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Examples of "aunus"
At 1919–1921 there was Aunus expedition where a group of Finnish volunteers occupied parts of East Karelia (Aunus in Finnish, Olonets Karelia in Russian). There were stamps issued for Aunus troops by local authorities. They were Finnish definitives from 1917 with overprint Aunus.
The Aunus expedition was an attempt by Finnish volunteers to occupy parts of East Karelia in 1919, during the Russian Civil War. "Aunus" is the Finnish name for Olonets Karelia. This expedition was one of many Finnic "kinship wars" ("heimosodat") fought against forces of Soviet Russia after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and during the Russian Civil War.
Captain Toivo Kuisma died in the Aunus attack in 1919, and Major Sven Weckström in 1921, having been wounded in Maaninkajärvi that year.
After the offensive phase of the war ended, Army of Karelia was disbanded and its HQ became HQ of Aunus Group.
Captain Toivo Kuisma died in the Aunus attack 1919 and Major Sven Weckström in 1921, having been wounded in Maaninkajärvi that year.
Aunus Radio was a Finnish radio station operating in an area held by Finland in East Karelia during the continuation war.
When the war changed into trench warfare, Aunus radio started broadcasting propaganda intended for Soviet troops. The number of staff also increased, and by 1942 the station employed 21 people, including Tauno Palo, nationally famous singer and actor. During the trench warfare Finnish troops were suffering from homesickness, and Aunus Radio successfully relieved this by broadcasting entertainment and information. However, their attempts at propaganda and multi-lingual broadcasts in Vepsian and Karelian were not successful in reaching the target audiences.
The Maaselkä district was abolished in late 1942. The Karhumäki, Paatene and Porajärvi sub-regions were transferred to Aunus district and the Repola and Rukajärvi sub-regions were transferred to Viena district.
Significant enclaves of Karelians exist in the Tver oblast of Russia, resettled after Russia's defeat in 1617 against Sweden — in order to escape the peril of forced conversion to Lutheranism in Swedish Karelia. The Russians also promised tax deductions if the Orthodox Karelians migrated there. Olonets (Aunus) is the only city in Russia where the Karelians form a majority (60% of the population).
Aunus Group () was a formation of the Finnish Army during the Continuation War. It was formed on 1 March 1942 from troops of the Army of Karelia which was disbanded after the offensive phase of the war. The group was disbanded on 18 July 1944.
In the 19th century a few books were published in Karelian using Cyrillic, the first known one was "A Translation of some Prayers and a Shortened Catechism" into North Karelian and Olonets (Aunus) dialects in 1804. Karelian literature in 19th century Russia remained limited to a few primers, songbooks and leaflets.
Kailas was born in Heinola. After his mother's death, the boy received a strict religious upbringing from his grandmother. He studied in Heinola and occasionally in the University of Helsinki. In 1919, he took part in the Aunus expedition, where his close friend Bruno Schildt was killed.
The events at the end of World War I made this goal hard to accomplish, but nevertheless, two attempts were made to this end: the Viena expedition in 1918 and the Aunus expedition in 1919, during the Russian Civil War, had allowed Finland to occupy and annex two regions of East Karelia - Repola and Porajärvi respectively.
In the wake of the Civil War there were many incidents along the border between Finland and Soviet Russia, such as the Aunus expedition and the Pork mutiny. Relations with the Soviets were improved after the Treaty of Tartu in 1920, in which Finland gained Petsamo, but gave up its claims on East Karelia.
The Scandinavian Collectors Club is a United States-based philatelic society dedicated to the collection and study of the postage stamps and postal history of the Scandinavia region, including the geographical regions of Åland, Aunus, the Danish West Indies, Denmark, the Faroes, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Karelia, North Ingermanland, Norway, Slesvig, and Sweden.
Two years before the state was created, the Heimosodat begun. They were a series of expeditions to capture the Finnic lands that were under Soviet rule, to create a bigger Finland. During the Aunus and Viena expeditions, short-lived bases, or governments existed in Olonets Karelia and White Karelia.
Martti Aho participated in the Finnish Civil War in 1918 and in the Aunus expedition 1919–1920. He served in the Border Guard as a company commander before the Winter War and during the war he was first a company commander, and later the commander of "Erillinen pataljoona" 8 (ErP 8; Detached Battalion 8). Aho was wounded twice during the Winter War.
Reino Paasilinna was born on "Aunus", a ship on the Arctic Ocean, on the coast of Norway, where the Paasilinna family fled the Winter War. His family is from Petsamo but they moved to Kittilä because the Soviet Union invaded Petsamo during the Winter War.
Finnish propaganda directed for the Karelian population focused on pan-Finnicism, presented the occupiers as liberators, and also tried to encourage antagonism between the Karelians and Russians. Main propaganda tools of the military administration were the newspaper "Vapaa Karjala" ("Free Karelia") and Aunus Radio.
On June 16, 1944, a secret order was issued to the troops in East Karelia to withdraw. Aunus Radio withdrew from Äänislinna with them and settled near Sortavala. However, the station was bombed and the front line came closer, so it was transferred inside the current borders and ended its operations in September 1944.