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voulu              enfin              reviens              voulais              vostre              peux              regarde              donc              peuvent              combien              pleurer              mieux              aucun              avait              aimais              disait              vouloir              pouvais              celui              oublier              savait              souvent              aurait              croire              veut              importe              voulait              trouver              avais              rendre              entends              envie              ainsi              tomber              manquer              personne              perdre              laisse              mourir              tient              aimerai              jamais              copain              besoin              puisque              quoi              mettre              revenir              sauver              vraiment             

Examples of "aurais"
"Tu aurais dû me dire (Oser parler d'amour)" or "You Should Have Told Me (Dare to Speak of Love)" (in English) is the third single to be released from Tina Arena's fifth studio album "Un autre univers". The single's popularity spurred the album up to its highest place in the French charts (#9) in November 2006 after its first appearance a year earlier.
Lead single "Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible" was her biggest French hit to date after debuting at #3 on the French national charts in November 2005 and remaining in the top 5 for over 10 weeks. In February 2006 the single achieved platinum sales in France. A second single "Je m'appelle Bagdad" was released in May and a third "Tu aurais dû me dire (Oser parler d'amour)" in October 2006.
Hański died in November 1841. She sent Balzac a letter, sealed in black, with the news. He instantly wrote back: ""je n'en aurais peut-être pas voulu recevoir d'autre de vous, malgré ce que vous me dites de triste sur vous et votre santé"" ("I could not perhaps wish to have received any other [news] from you, in spite of the sad things you tell me about yourself and your health"). He made plans to visit Dresden in May, and obtain a visa to visit her in Russia.
Her debut French language album, "Un autre univers" was released in December 2005 and gained a platinum certificate from SNEP in February 2006, it reached No. 9 on the French charts and remained for 78 weeks. It provided a single, "Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible" which peaked at No. 3 on the French charts and stayed in the top 5 for over 10 weeks. The single peaked at No. 1 in Belgium and was a top 20 hit in Switzerland. The song received an award for Song of the Year in France. A second single "Je m'appelle Bagdad" was released in June 2006, peaking at No. 6 in France and No. 8 in Belgium. The third and final single from the album, "Tu aurais dû me dire (Oser parler d'amour)" (English: "You Should Have Told Me (Dare to Speak of Love)"), was issued in October.
As the title suggests, the disco-influenced song contains several references to the nursery rhyme of the same name; ""Frère Jacques, dormez-vous?" ("Brother John, are you sleeping?") "J'entends les cloches qui sonnent" ("I can hear the bells ringing")" and ""Tu aurais bien mieux à faire que de jouer au grand frère..." ("There are so much better things for you to do than pretending to be my big brother...")". The singer compares the childish rhyme to her current adulthood, singing about how she longs to have a relationship with some of Jacques/John's friends; ""I'm not a child anymore, you know"". The song ends with the line ""Frère Jacques, réveille-toi et viens dormir avec moi..." ("Brother John, wake up and come sleep with me...")".