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eugenio              virgilio              arnaldo              alfredo              gerardo              emiliano              celestino              gregorio              rodolfo              alvaro              norberto              adolfo              emilio              ernesto              ciro              alberto              flavio              teodoro              augusto              antonino              armando              severino              fortunato              leopoldo              osvaldo              narciso              amadeo              donato              lorenzo              atilio              evaristo              federico              ubaldo              cavalcanti              adalberto              adriano              celso              roberto              ciriaco              gavino              vinicio              gervasio              eligio              dionisio              rivarola              basilio              egidio              rufino              isidoro              valerio             

Examples of "aurelio"
Aurelio Martínez, aka Aurelio, is a Honduran musician and politician.
San Martín del Rey Aurelio (Asturian: Samartín del Rei Aurelio) is a municipality of the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias in northern Spain.
Q.XIII "Aurelio", Q.XIV "Trionfale" and Q.XXVII "Primavalle"
Fredo Getulio Aurelio is a Brazilian football manager.
Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli, archbishop of Buenos Aires.
According to the School of Visual Arts where he is employed as a professor, Voltaire's real name is Aurelio Voltaire Hernández. Voltaire attributes "Acoustic Guitar and Vocals" on "Ooky Spooky" to Aurelio Voltaire Hernández, confirming that is his real name. Since then he has signed his name as Aurelio Voltaire, and is more open about it in public appearances.
(In a "tempo di mezzo") Giovanni arrives to announce that the English king wishes to discuss terms, and he encourages Aurelio to gather with the other leaders. (Cabaletta: Aurelio and Eleonora: "La speme a dolci palpito, mi ridestò nel seno..." / "Hope round sweet expectation, In my breast"). Aurelio rushes out.
Aurelio spent 2½ seasons for Fronisone in the third division.
and Marco Aurelio Robles' (1966–1967 and 1968) cabinet.
When James Aurelio died, Louis Gaetano sold The Italian Village and it became an Aurelio’s Pizza franchise. The chain's main competition is Rosati's Pizza, Nancy's Pizza, and Home Run Inn, as well as many smaller family-owned establishments. The son of James Aurelio, Larry Aurelio, subsequently started a new pizza chain named Larry A's.
There have been three players in major league history named Aurelio (two of whom played for the Detroit Tigers), and all three were killed in car accidents between the ages of 44 and 53. See also Aurelio López and Aurelio Monteagudo.
Don Aurelio Ortega y Placeres married Srita. María Castañeda (1870–1936) at the end of the 19th century. They had 13 children (Domingo, Beatriz, Efraín, Aurelio, Raúl, María, Esther, Roberto, Amparo, Josefina, María Teresa, Martha and Guillermo).
Aurelio replies with a homily on the virtues of hard work. During dinner with his family, Aurelio explodes when news arrives that Titta urinated on the neighbour's hat. The ensuing squabble builds into a delirious domestic fit.
Maestro Armando Aurelio was also known for his drawings and paintings of his beloved Orizaba, Veracruz. His father, the distinguished poet and teacher Don Aurelio Ortega Castañeda was an obvious influence on Maestro Armando.
Taddei received some attention after he performed a move he later titled "The Aurelio", named after A.S. Roma assistant manager Aurelio Andreazzoli, in a Champions League group stage match against Olympiacos on 18 October 2006.
Aurelio is a 4.8% alcohol by volume golden ale, brewed with pale ale malt, crystal malt, goldings and admiral hops. Aurelio is brewed and bottled at cost for Two Fingers Brewing Co. by Hepworth & Co, the Sussex-based craft brewer.
Aurelio scored a clean takedown at the end of the first round, though. Aurelio attempted another takedown in the second, only to see "The Fireball Kid" counter with a kimura. Gomi showed shades of his past catch wrestling accolades when he countered another Aurelio takedown attempt with a half-nelson. He did not follow Aurelio to the ground, instead attacking his legs with kicks. Gomi refused to follow Aurelio to the ground despite his opponent's taunting. Gomi knocked down Aurelio with a body shot late in the last round, and the bout ended with Gomi connecting with a hard kick to Aurelio's body just before the final bell. The fight went to the judges and Gomi retained his title, walking away with the split decision.
In 1964, PPN allied with the National Opposition Union (UNO) and its candidate Marco Aurelio Robles.
Italian comics artist Aurelio Galleppini was born in Casale di Pari.
After La Covacha burned down in 1999, Aurelio and architect William Lane redesigned the club.