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ondara              lacarry              kanpezu              dupleak              quilanga              lohitzun              larrabetzu              orcoyen              nerochori              menditte              oyhercq              arratzu              bonansa              ervedosa              berrogain              benidoleig              meixedo              azanuy              laukiz              faraklata              cleyzieu              nyagisozi              montouto              etcheberria              artziniega              munichi              bogalhal              kandoshi              muganza              otxarkoaga              orozko              lufrei              birieux              gamarthe              alvarelhos              joaninho              ajangiz              mogolo              velimachi              moeche              cungrea              chiona              cihigue              uharte              ubiale              ezkaroze              foiniki              lupingu              piode              perdikovrysi             

Examples of "auritz"
The name, both in Basque and in Spanish, is derived from the town of Auritz/Burguete.
M.[ilian] L.[auritz] Andreasen (June 4, 1876 – February 19, 1962), was a Seventh-day Adventist theologian, pastor and author.
Burguete ("Burguete" in Castilian, "Auritz" in Basque) is a town and municipality located in the province and autonomous community of Navarre, northern Spain.
In 1525, on the heat of Henry II's two failed reconquest campaigns (see above), the first "witchcraft" allegations spring up instigated by the graduate Balanza, member of the Royal Council and commissioner of inquiries on witchcraft across Navarre, owner also of a palace in Unzué. In letters to the Castilian bishop of Pamplona John de Rena (an able military administrator, but in fact not even ordained for religious functions), Balanza asserts that there exists "so much evil" in a number of southern Pyrenean valleys—starting from Salazar and Roncal, to Burguete (Auritz), Baztan, Bortziriak, Malerreka (to Pamplona)—located on the rearguard of the St-Jean-Pied-de-Port front in Lower Navarre, and an active theatre of war just a few years or months before, "it should not be only me who is aware of it," he adds. After his inquiry and resulting trials (January–August 1525), 30-40 people, mostly women, were condemned and burnt alive by the occupant authorities, while other sources point to 200. Another 43 were stripped of their properties.