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Examples of "autoconf"
There is some criticism that states that Autoconf uses dated technologies, has a lot of legacy restrictions, and complicates simple scenarios unnecessarily for the author of "" scripts. In particular, often cited weak points of Autoconf are:
The system that will be doing the building need not have autoconf installed: autoconf is needed only to build the configure script, that is usually shipped with the software.
To process files, autoconf uses the GNU implementation of the m4 macro system.
The GNU Autoconf package makes extensive use of the features of GNU m4.
The GNU Autoconf manual suggests the following format for the file:
Gnulib simplifies the process of making software that uses Autoconf and Automake portable to a wide range of systems.
Automake is written in Perl and must be used with GNU Autoconf. Automake contains the following commands:
Autoconf comes with several auxiliary programs such as Autoheader, which is used to help manage C header files; Autoscan, which can create an initial input file for Autoconf; and codice_20, which can list C pre-processor identifiers used in the program.
GNU Autoconf is a tool for producing configure scripts for building, installing and packaging software on computer systems where a Bourne shell is available.
Build packaging uses the GNU Build System. Standard tests with codice_1 use Autoconf, ANSI85 testsuite run by codice_2 use Perl scripts.
PIKT was written and is currently maintained by Robert Osterlund. Harlan Stenn maintains the automake/autoconf build procedures, and Michel Blanc develops the project's Perl utilities and RPMs.
Autoconf is agnostic about the programming languages used, but it is often used for projects using C, C++, Fortran, Fortran 77, Erlang or Objective-C.
Libtool is typically used with Autoconf and Automake, two other tools of the GNU build system. However, it is designed so as not to be dependent upon either.
"aclocal", however, is a general-purpose program that can be useful to autoconf users. The GNU Compiler Collection, for example, uses "aclocal" even though its makefile is hand written.
Like Autoconf, Automake is not entirely backward compatible. For example, a project created with automake 1.13 will not necessarily work with automake 1.14. This can require complex projects to include multiple versions.
Other lexical preprocessors include the general-purpose m4, most commonly used in cross-platform build systems such as autoconf, and GEMA, an open source macro processor which operates on patterns of context.
Autotools consists of the GNU utility programs Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool. Other related tools frequently used alongside it include GNU's make program, GNU gettext, pkg-config, and the GNU Compiler Collection, also called GCC.
Since then, an ecosystem of programs has grown up to automate the creation of configure scripts as far as possible, of which the most common is the GNU Autoconf system.
Autoconf is similar to the Metaconfig package used by Perl. The imake system formerly used by the X Window System (up to X11R6.9) is closely related, but has a different philosophy.
As of 2008, the Gnits standards carry a notice that they are moribund and no longer actively maintained, and points readers to the manuals of Gnulib, Autoconf, and Automake, which are said to cover many of the same topics.