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Examples of "autosar"
Supports AUTOSAR Release 3.1 and AUTOSAR Release 4.x. The COQOS AUTOSAR OS has been developed from the ground up to ensure the most efficient use of the hypervisor. The AUTOSAR OS, BSW Scheduler, and RTE are closely integrated with COQOS. Standard AUTOSAR basic software from the OEM, third-party software vendors, or OpenSynergy can be easily integrated.
The EAST-ADL metamodel is specified according to the same rules as the AUTOSAR metamodel, which means that the two sets of elements can co-exist in the same model. The dependency is unidirectional from EAST-ADL to AUTOSAR, such that AUTOSAR is independent of EAST-ADL. However, relevant EAST-ADL elements can reference AUTOSAR elements to provide EAST-ADL support for requirements, variability, safety, etc. to the AUTOSAR domain.
Another essential element of COQOS is the AUTOSAR environment. This allows the seamless integration of AUTOSAR software components and basic software modules.
A model may thus be defined where AUTOSAR elements represent the software architecture and EAST-ADL elements extend the AUTOSAR model with orthogonal aspects and represents abstract system information through e.g. function and feature models. Such model can be defined in UML, by applying both an EAST-ADL profile and an AUTOSAR profile, or in a domain specific tool based on a merged AUTOSAR and EAST-ADL metamodel.
AUTOSAR is the open automotive software architecture.
Since 2003, AUTOSAR has provided four major releases of the standardized automotive software architecture and one release of Acceptance Tests. The work of AUTOSAR can be divided into three phases:
Instead of providing modeling entities for the lowest abstraction level, i.e. implementation level, EAST-ADL uses unmodified AUTOSAR entities for this purpose and provides means to link EAST-ADL elements on higher abstraction levels to AUTOSAR elements.
The ACF is a configurable communication bridge between the AUTOSAR RTE, Linux applications, and Android apps.
As of January 2015, more than 180 companies participate in the AUTOSAR development partnership.
The AUTOSAR project promoted (2008) the use of TTCN-3 within the automotive industry.
Membership of AUTOSAR is separated in four different types. The contribution of partners varies depending on the type of partnership:
TargetLink generates both ANSI-C and production code optimized for specific processors. It also supports the generation of AUTOSAR-compliant code for software components for the automotive sector.
After Siemens VDO was acquired by Continental in February 2008, it is no longer a self-contained Core Partner of AUTOSAR.
Thus, EAST-ADL and AUTOSAR in concert provide means for efficient development and management of the complexity of automotive embedded systems from early analysis right down to implementation. Concepts from model-based development and component-based development reinforce one another.
An early, high-level representation of the system can evolve seamlessly into the detailed specifications of the AUTOSAR language. In addition, the EAST-ADL incorporates the following system development concerns:
ASAM standards utilize other public standards such as UML, XML and CORBA, hence remaining independent from specific IT technologies or platforms. Furthermore, ASAM closely cooperates with other organizations such as ISO and AUTOSAR.
The AUTOSAR consortium reuses the OSEK specifications: the operating system is a backwards compatible superset of OSEK OS which also covers the functionality of "OSEKtime", and the communication module is derived from OSEK COM.
claimed to help manufacturers meet SIL/ASIL safety standards. All members of the AUDO family are binary-compatible and share the same development tools. An AUTOSAR library that enables existing code to be integrated is also available.
Developers use Rational Rhapsody to understand and elaborate requirements, create model designs using industry standard languages (UML, SysML, AUTOSAR, DoDAF, MODAF, UPDM), validate functionality early in development, and automate delivery of high structured products.
All COQOS development tools are built on Eclipse and ARTOP. The development tools include AUTOSAR-compliant generators, configuration tools for the hypervisor as well as tracing and debugging tools.
In 2013, the AUTOSAR consortium entered a continuous working mode to maintain the standard and provide selected improvements (including the release R4.2 as well as Release 1.0 of Acceptance Tests).