Synonyms for avais or Related words with avais

moins              avait              seulement              besoin              savait              reste              regarde              quoi              trouver              reviens              refaire              veut              mieux              peuvent              seront              vrai              avez              pouvais              eppur              entends              jamais              parlait              ainsi              peux              aurais              quelqu              enfin              muove              raconte              combien              chaque              souvent              donc              celui              laisse              vouloir              connais              avoir              voici              quand              joue              disait              avaient              aurait              vraiment              perdre              vous              mourir              douleur              tomber             

Examples of "avais"
Hasan Buzurg died in 1356. He was succeeded by his son, Shaikh Awais Jalayir. In addition to Avais, he was the father of Amir Zahid.
En 2004, Patrick Martinet avais expliqué les problèmes qui existaient déja en raison de la fermeture de CFI-TV, le principal client. Cela a fait qu’il y avait environ 50% en moins sur les droits de diffusion. Il fallait donc faire un effort cette fois-ci avant de trouver un système qui permettrait de redémarrer correctement.
The young and largely untrained actors included André Treton ("Lebrac"), Michel Isella ("l'Aztec") and Martin Lartigue ("Petit Gibus"). The character Petit Gibus's line of dialogue - uttered in frustration - "si j'aurais su, j'aurais pas v'nu" ("if I woulda known, I wouldn'ta come"), with its incorrect grammar (the correct form should be: "si j"avais" su, je ne "serais" pas venu") has become a familiar tagline in France (the line was not in the original novel).
Hasan Buzurg seemed intent on restoring unity to the Ilkhanate. This is evidenced by the fact that he used the title of ulus beg all of his life, and raised several men as Ilkhans instead of ruling in his own name. Furthermore, he attempted to unify Persia; he had sent a Muhammad-I Mulai to act as governor of Khurasan, for example; the latter was later executed by Togha Temür’s military commander Arghun Shah. In attempting to maintain the Ilkhanate, he ultimately failed, and in some ways accelerated its disintegration, by preventing other forces such as the Chobanids from gaining more influence. However, he set up a strong state that would rule over Iraq and parts of Persia for over half a century, a state that would become even more powerful under his successor Shaikh Avais.